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Bumbo type seats

I know that Bumbo seats are recalled right now but I am wondering when it is appropriate to start putting LO in one?  She holds her head  very well and loves sitting up because the view is so much better.  Can anyone recommend a good one as well?
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Re: Bumbo type seats

  • Bumbo seats are fine.  What's not fine are stupid parents who put it up on the table or counter and think the laws of gravity no longer apply.  They're putting seat belts on them to make them safer but overall the seat is fine if you're it supervised on the floor.
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  • We just use our Bumbo. If your child has decent head control try it out. You will see pretty quick if they are too wobbly with their head and how long they can truly sit there.
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  • I started using ours when DS was almost exactly 3 months old.  He has great head control and back strength and absolutely loves it.

    The recall was kind of a joke; they put a "warning" sticker on the bumbo about not leaving the child unsupervised on raised surfaces and installed a safety belt.  I honestly wish my bumbo didn't have the safety belt because it just gets in the way and doesn't really do anything to keep my DS safe...

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  • image elmoali:
    Bumbo seats are fine.  What's not fine are stupid parents who put it up on the table or counter and think the laws of gravity no longer apply.  They're putting seat belts on them to make them safer but overall the seat is fine if you're it supervised on the floor.

    All of this.

    We used ours from about 4 months but LO didn't like it much cause she wasn't sitting up yet. Once she was sitting up, she can sit in it much longer and I love that its easy to move her room to room. She can easily play and look around.

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  • DS didn't like it at 3 months even though he had pretty good head control.   At four months he started to enjoy sitting in it for longer periods of time.  I think he appreciated the new perspective.  We really don't use it that often though.

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  • That recall is solely for the strap, if you go to their website and put in your mailing address they will send you the strap in about a week. But its not necessary if you keep your LO on the floor where the Bumbo seat belongs.
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  • The only reason for the recall was because people were putting their baby in it, and then putting it on a high surface.  Therefore, since the seats didn't have harnesses in them like they do now, the babies would fall and get injured.  So, get one, and have fun with sitting with your LO on the floor.  We got one and our DD loves it. It really helps with neck strength and head control, too.  Just make sure to buckle your LO one in when using it.
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  • We have this:

    The seat is like a bumbo, but can be used as a booster seat later on.  LO has been using hers since 4 months and she loves to play with the toys.  Our sitter has the same one.


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  • We got The Mamas and Papas seat. DS likes it, but doesn't love it. He didn't like the bumbo, prob because his leg chubs got in the way!

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  • I agree with the pps, but I am also letting you know that they are cheapest (so far from what I've researched) at Walmart. Don't get it from Amazon; they seem to have hiked up the price greatly.
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  • you can also check out the bebe pod. It's like the bumbo but hasn't been recalled, comes with straps for around waist as well for around a chair if you choose to use it that way. 

    our LO loved the toy that came with it, and it sticks into the tray to stand up. He LOVES playing with it!! 

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  • About the strap/seatbelt, it sucks! LO could barely fit in the bumbo with the strap buckled.
    We removed the strap from ours. We aren't stupid parents that are going to put baby in a Bumbo in an elevated surface. And the strap is worthless for that too, the whole thing could fall with baby strapped in.
    It works much better sansstrap.

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  • Prince Lionheart makes the exact same thing as Bumbo and my sister found a used one that already had the safety strap and a tray included last year.
  • My little girl loves her Summer Infant SuperSeat Activity Seat. It has toys to keep her entertained so I like it much more then the bumbo. It can be used as just a seat without the toys and as a booster seat when LO is older.
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