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How much time do you let your toddler spend in front of the TV, if at all?  Should I be worried that my son loves television, as young as he is?

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  • DD loves Sesame Street so she gets to watch an episode a day. However, she rarely will sit for very long. She's usually up and running around after about 10 minutes, until she hears Elmo again and runs back in to watch it.
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  • DS watches an episode or two of Mickey Mouse everyday. He runs around with the remote until I turn it on. Not my favorite thing in the world but it won't kill him. Now the iPad is another story...I have to hide it from him.

    Edit: He only sits through 510 min of each show so maybe 20 min total of tv every day.
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  • Mine doesn't watch tv. If we put on Chuggington he'll run from whatever room he's in to dance to the theme song, but as soon as that's over, he's gone.
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  • We're not big TV watchers and we don't have cable.  The only time the TV is on when DD is awake is if DH is watching football, and she really doesn't care.  

    The only "screen time" she gets is Yo Gabba Gabba youtube videos while we file her nails a couple times a week as a way to keep her still, but she throws such a fit when I take away the computer that we might nix those for now too.

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  • Gator watches her German language DVD during breakfast. Other than that, we have cut out TV except for if I need to jump in the shower or an occasional movie night.
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  • Nora watches a little of the signing time we've recorded on our TV once a day. She also gets to watch Elmo in the car since she's a nightmare while traveling. She's actually learned a lot of sign thanks to Rachel, Alex, Leah, and Hopkins.

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  • I will turn on Sesame Street when I get ready in the morning if I don't get up before her. I set her up in her PNP with some toys and books and turn on an episode for her to watch. I check on her periodically and she is either watching the show or playing with her toys. I sometimes turn it on if I need to distract her while I make dinner or to trim her nails.
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  • I know she watches TV for an hour or so on the days I work because she doesnt nap and needs downtime. I don't put it on for her when she's home with me. She's just as happy dancing to the radio or running and around and interacting with us and toys which I'd rather her do than something passive like sit and watch TV. If she didn't zone out while watching it maybe Id feel different. We're also not really TV people.
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  • prob. way too much...I've been back & forth on this. ds loves bubble guppies, as well as pretty much anything on sprout if the tv is on. he lol at the geico commercial where the gecko is drinking coffee. I did just turn the tv off...lol.  

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  • We watch tv ourselves, but Rocco doesn't pay attention to it at all. He just plays with his toys, doesn't even glance at it. We don't put any tv shows on just for him. We do occasionally put on Baby Einstein's Baby Mozart youtube video on the laptop if he is in a cranky mood and we don't feel like dealing with him. He still has the same reaction as he did when I took this video months ago:


  • DD watches 1 to 2 episodes if Dora, yo gabba gabba or baby einsteins a day. She really only watches them for about 10 minutes and then she's climbing on or chasing the dogs or digging through the kitchen cabinets, etc.
  • I put on sprout for him in the morning while he drinks his milk so I can make coffee and breakfast and start laundry. It's on for about 30 minutes, but he only watches for maybe 10 then he's off to play. Other than that the tv is off until he's in bed.
  • T is with my MIL on weekdays and I know she has a morning news show on and then usually "The Chew" or some crap like that.  MIL doesn't ever sit and watch it, she just has it on as background noise.  She says T doesn't pay attention to it and I hope that's true but I would guess she pays at least a little attention to it (the TV is fiarly small and up pretty high, but it's in the dining room / den area where she plays a lot). 

    We don't have the TV on at home if T is awake.  All of our viewing time is durning naps or after she's in bed for the night.  I don't think TV is the devil or anything, but since I know she's around it at MIL's house I figure that's more than enough for now and honestly it's not a big deal to DH or I.

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  • It's on in our house more than I would like.  My DH and his aunt have it on all day.  I think for that reason E isn't as interested.  He does love the Count on Sesame Street and the Dinousaur Train theme song, but he doesn't sit (or stand) still long enough to watch it.

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  • We put a couple kid shows on per day for my kids, usually when I'm preparing their meals.  DD doesn't really pay too much attention except when there's a fun song on.  Unless your child is staring at the tv for hours on end, I think tv in moderation is fine.   

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  • None, I go along with the AAP recommendation of no TV before the age of 2...

    That being said, there are days that are PURE HELL, and I need a break.  I'll put on either Sesame Street or Bob The Builder. 

    ETA: Not judging anyone who does, this is just me!

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  • We will put on an episode or two of Nick Jr or Disney Jr for DD.  DS will usually dance to the theme songs, watch for a few minutes and then tune it out.  We tried to limit the amount of TV to less than an hour a day.
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  • He's not into TV at all. I have it on and watch it throughout the day, so for that reason I do try and keep it on kid friendly channels. He'll dance every now and then to Mickey Mouse but he never sits or stops to watch it.

    We do have a DVD player in the car and I keep a Mickey DVD in. He actually will watch it in the car [sometimes] but that's on average less than 10 minutes a day.


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    None, I go along with the AAP recommendation of no TV before the age of 2...That being said, there are days that are PURE HELL, and I need a break.nbsp; I'll put on either Sesame Street or Bob The Builder.nbsp; ETA: Not judging anyone who does, this is just me!

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  • I'm also in the 'no tv before 2' camp. The problem is we usually have the tv on during the weekends (and not kid shows). Most of the time he doesn't notice it until there's a dog on TV and he stops what he's doing to point at the dog. I'll let him watch 10 minutes a week when I'm trying to clip his nails, but other than that, I try to keep the TV turned off when he's at home.
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    My kids watch a fair amount of tv. DS has shows he really likes and DD like a few herself. Both DH and I grew up watching tv. We're both very intelligent, well rounded, productive members of society and our brains work just fine. My kids play with their toys, "read" books and chase each other around while they "watch" tv. DS has a actually learned a lot from watching certain shows and his vocabulary is enourmous. I monitor the shows they watch and if they don't have some educational value it doesn't get watched. My kids never stare slack jawed at the tv and i can see that they follow and understand what's happening on the show. Their daily activities are widely varied and balanced.

    This, exactly. My DD has favorite shows and ask to watch some. DS has Sesame Street. We only have Netflix so their tv is really monitored. I credit my DDs vocabulary to the shows she watches (thank you Letter Factory!). They play while watching and its not all.day.long. They watch some before nap and some while I'm cooking dinner.

    Mickey Mouse is the only show my DD will sit on the couch and watch with her jaw dropped like she's on crack. We limit Mickey Mouse. Right now Sesame Street is on and my DS is in the ball pit not even paying attention and my DD is "reading." Neither of them are glued to it.  

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