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Is this cheap?

Here is a weird question.  My cousin is coming to be a live in Nanny.  She will be working Monday-Friday from 7-5 and the odd weekend if we have to go away.  We are pretty boring so these weekends would be few and far between.  

In exchange we are going to give her $150 a week, gas money, and free room and board when she goes to school in September and extra money if she works a weekend. 

Is this ridiculously cheap?  Someone just commented on "what a deal" this is. My cousin and her family are thrilled with the arrangement so I am not really that worried just curious. 


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Re: Is this cheap?

  • I guess it depends on how much food she eats. We pay about $250 a week for the same amount of care.
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  • image pearblossom:
    I guess it depends on how much food she eats. We pay about $250 a week for the same amount of care.

    "Cheap" as in you are not paying her enough or she's getting too good of a deal? 

    Daycare estimates for one kid is around $250 a week in a lot of metro areas, so for a live in nanny and two kids to care for you seem to be spending a lot less.  I would guess your grocery bill and utilities might see a modest rise, but overall if everybody is happy with the arrangement go for it.  

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  • Child are in the Ottawa area is about 40 bucks a day per child on average. In fact, mostly it's a tIny bit more. The places I looked at we're 43. In home care. 


    So for 2 kids, 150,- is a ridicolously good deal on first glance. Now, the question is, how much do you like your cousin?! If she were to be a crappy houseguest, no deal on child are would be good enough.

    So, in the end, I would say it is a bargain if you guys truly like each other. 

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  • The way I read this, your cousin will still be getting free room and board in the fall even once she's no longer nannying your kids.  Seems like a great solution to me (if as PP mentioned, you get along well with your cousin).  She works now for less compensation than she could get otherwise, for free room and board down the road. 

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  • image Woodsie:
    She's getting room and board until September too, right? I would say that's more than fair, depending on what she's saving by not renting elsewhere. Figure out how much she's saving in rent, food, and gas money by living with you, add the 150 per week, and that's how much you are effectively paying her. Edit spelling

    Yeah this. I think it also depends on your LCOL because rates are different everywhere. SIL started nannying in AZ and made about $12 and hour. She paid her own gas though and wasn't getting free room and board. Also the kids were wild and she probably should have been making a lot more. I watched a 4 year old this summer and charged $6 and hour. Where I live that is considered high.

    If the arrangement works for you guys I think it's great. She's making a lot more than she would at a minimum wage job if you factor in room and board and gas. I think you're being reasonable and it sounds like a great arrangement for everybody involved. 

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  • To be clear she will  not be working for us when she goes to school but we still will be covering her room and board for as long as she goes to school.  So if she decides she wants to use next summer to catch up on classes then she still gets free room and board without having to work for us. 

    We both are quite happy with the arrangement and her parents were actually the ones who suggested the salary after they had worked out cost of living in Ottawa for a the length of the school year.  I am assuming they did the research.   That being said, if it turns out I am grossly underpaying her I will up her salary.  We just want to see how this works first.   


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  • $150 is fair especially since she is a college student.  Mostly because she doesn't have to pay you rent though.  I pay my MIL $150 a week for 4 days/week. 
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