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H is a jerk tonight

He told me he was going to sleep.   Half hour later he takes the remote and turns on a show about poor defenseless animals being poached. When I told him I can't watch it he got frustrated with me. Does he not understand at all how pregnancy hormones work?  He is usually a pretty easy going guy but tonight I just want to kick him.  Sorry for the rant.  I just had to get it out...
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Re: H is a jerk tonight

  • I could have posted this. I'm currently in the other room because I can't deal wih him. I get off the bus after my hour and a half commute and then spend 20 minutes looking for my keys in the snow when they fall out of my pocket while I'm brushing off my car, and when I finally get home he's the one grumbling at me because our toddler was acting up. Gee, I'm sorry I wasted your time while I was freezing in a dark parking lot. Meanwhile, he could have put DS in pajamas and started bedtimebut I'm not allowed to say that because that would be nagging. Sorry to hijack, but can you tell I'm right there with you??!
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  • Hijack away. I am honestly glad I am not alone.  Sorry your night was so crappy and your h made it worse. 
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  • I just have to say that I love seeing posts like this.  It reminds me that I am not totally crazy and that we all have times we think they are annoying.  Good thing we love them dearly! 
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  • Same here I can't eat sausage it makes me sick so someone makes this dish with a bunch of sausage in it. Couldn't stand it had to eat pineapple for supper.
    Love everyone.
  • Your not alone. My hubby wanted some loving and I have been constipated for 7 DAYS!!!! I looked at him and ask if he was serious? I told him, I feel like crap and i am also FULL of it too, not in the mood babe. He got pissy and walked away.

    I get it, it has been a week, but we never go that long. You would think he would understand?
  • Omg I feel exactly the same way!! I know I am super sensitive but DH just keeps fighting back instead of just not make a big deal. I know he's freaking out so he must be very sensitive too, but I feel so lonely when he doesn't understand that I am moody because of the hormones. Can someone please tell all husbands to take it easy for the next 8 months?
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