How long after 1st c-section can you try for VBAC?

Good afternoon, ladies!  I had DD by c-section 16 months ago and we are thinking of TTC sometime this summer/early fall.  I really, really want to go for a VBAC but am terrified of rupturing or something else happening during the pregnancy.  To be honest, I'm scared of being pregnant after having a c-section in general.  My doctor said to typically wait at least a year after giving birth to get pregnant again, which is a non-issue as we are past that point.  

How soon after your c-section did you get pregnant again?  How long do you have to wait after your first section to go for a VBAC?  TIA! 

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Re: How long after 1st c-section can you try for VBAC?

  • I think you're fine as you're already 16 months past and you're not even pregnant yet. For me it was 3 years and 7 weeks after my c-section but i know there have been plenty of women who were much closer together.
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  • I got pregnant 8 months after my c-section so my babies will be 17 months apart.  My Dr does not have a specific timeline but most say 18-24 months between deliveries.  You are well past that.

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  • I'm going to try to vbac 22 months after my c section. I've heard some doctors like 18 to 24 months between births but no one has said anything to me about spacing.
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  • I just vbaced and my births are 22 months apart.  But I was trying to get pregnant right after my csection and my doctor had no issue with me vbac-ing then.  
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  • My OB recommended waiting a year after the c-section to get pregnant. I got pregnant at 14 months post c-section and successfully VBACed at 22 months post-op.
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  • I had my VBAC 22 months after my c-section. I found out I was pregnant when DD1 was 13.5 months old.  I think most practices like to have at least 18-24 months between deliveries.
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