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Removal of tonsils?

Has anyone had their little one's tonsils removed? DS is 2 1/2 and has had tonsillits 3 times in the past 9 weeks. Our pedi has referred us to an ENT specialist, whom we go see this Thursday.

I am just trying to prepare mentally if they say lets remove them- what does the surgery involve? I had mine removed when I was DS's age and my mom says I stayed in the hospital for 3 days, that was normal (no complications). I'd imagine things are different now.

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Re: Removal of tonsils?

  • We just had DD tonsils and adenoids removed on Friday.  It was an outpatient procedure - we arrived at 6:45 and were home by 11:30.  It was nice that she could be in the comfort of her own home to watch movies, find comfort with her stuffed animals, etc... that she wouldn't have as easily been able to do at a hospital. 

    We've had no issues with bleeding so far (the scabs are supposed to come off at day 5 so we'll see what that brings).  We've also found that as long as we keep up with the pain medications (we've been alternating tylenol and advil) that she does well.  (I guess not all doctors allow for advil, though, because of blood thinning)  We also learned the hard way that too much dairy and a banana can cause it to be uncomfortable because of the thickening of the mucus membranes in the throat. 

    Also, this should have been a "duh" when we shopped for soft foods - but don't buy foods that are red so that you can tell if there are any issues with bleeding.  We got a lot of strawberry jello, etc... because that's her favorite flavor.  It would have helped to know not to do that.  Good luck with your decision!

  • We just had my daughter's tonsils and adenoids removed three weeks ago.  It was a quick overnight stay in the hospital (they had to keep her because she is under three and that is the standard for our area).  She had no complications and recovered pretty quickly.  

    Did your pediatrician mention having them out? I'm just asking because we have had an ongoing battle with ear infections (on her second set of tubes that they also put in during the tonsil surgery) and upper respiratory infections cased by bacteria built up in the throat since she was born.  They took a long time to make this decision and tried lots of other things first (tubes, allergy meds, etc).  I know your son isn't having the ear problems but I might not worry about the surgery right away. 

  • Yes, our pediatrician mentioned removal of them. Both DH and I were his age when we had ours removed; so he has an over 75% chance of following the same path.

    He hasn't had any ear issues, so tubes haven't been discussed. I think the pedi is concerned with him continuing to get sick and be on antibiotics all the time, plus high high fevers- is that doing more harm than surgery would? Thats the main question.

    Thank you for your helpful advice!

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  • DS was 19 months when he had his tonsils and adenoids removed. The doc kept him in the hospital overnight for monitoring (routien on any baby under 2 at the hospital we were at) and it was horrible during the recovery period but he is doing so much better.

    We had to have a sleep study done and ds would stop breathing and his tonsils were big to begin with so it was in his best interest. Normally it is a same day surgery and youll go home with antibiotics and pain meds.


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