1st plane ride

Oh my god I'm SO nervous about our trip this Thursday from Philly to Miami.  It's for business and partial family trip.  I'm not doubting myself that I can't get thru the flight but I'm questioning the "what if's" .


Our daughter is 18 months old 15 months adjusted.  She doesn't have any health issues and I know that bringing her portable DVD player on the plane will be a lifesaver since she's a level 4 screamer (just to scream).  


 Any parents out there have any tips for me?  My husband is packing his clothes with my daughter to cut on luggage and baggage fees.  We are also bringing her BOB stroller and convertible carseat.  I bought those red gate check bags from babies r us for the stroller and car seat.  Heard they rip easily so I'm wrapping it in a few trash bags.    


Anyone have any issues with flying with a preemie with no medical issues?  Ascending and descending are my fear with the cabin pressure but I'm probably freaking out over nothing.





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Re: 1st plane ride

  • If you have her drink something while you are ascending and descending it will help with the pressure because it will make her swallow and clear the pressure from her ears!
  • We just took our twins on their first plane ride this past weekend.  The flight out was no problem.  The flight back, one of them screamed when her ears popped.  Mine are a lot younger than yours, but here is what happened...

    I tried to time the bottles for when ascent and descent would happen, but our flights took off late, so that didn't work out.   I still had the bottle available as an option for something to suck on during those times.  Pacifier was clipped to them and offered.  We also had toys.  On our trip, we were given some blinky light toys and they loved those on the flight back.

    I think for future flights (4 more trips this year) I will give the screamer Tylenol before taking off and maybe before the descent as well (I'll ask the pedi how long between doses and how much).  The screamer won't take a paci or bottle while screaming and you cannot make them suck on something so that was a challenge.

    Hope your flight goes well!

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  • 1. Pack some new toys to give her on the flight, and only give one at a time and try to drag out how long she has one.

    2. Have your dh get on during preboarding and get everything all set up, you board with lo as late as possible, trust me its worth it.

    3. Don't be cheap buy LO her own seat, you'll be happy you did.

    4.  Have a bottle and pacifier ready for take off and landing that is your best defense against the pressure build up.

     5. I've never done this but someone suggested it to me, buy the people sitting closest to you a drink, then when she gets unruly they'll be a bit more tolerant because you were so generous (or at least that's the hope).

    6. Stay calm, if you're stressed she'll feel that and it will stress her out.


    Good luck!


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  • I've flown with both of my boys at various ages -- the youngest being 9 months old. As other people said, have your LO drink/breastfeed while going up and down -- less pressure on their ears.  Have a new present (small book, Crayola Model Magic clay, crayons/coloring book), snacks, and also try to pack t-shirt for you and your DH with your carry-ons.  You never know if your LO will throw up!

    A change of clothes for your LO along with their diapers/wipes.  I flew from Boston to Miami with no seat for my 2 year old last April and it was fine (we debated getting a seat) -- he likes to sit on my lap, so it wasn't worth the 400$ to spend on a seat he wasn't going to use.  Each child is different though, so your LO might like their own seat.  Good luck, it will be fine :D

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  • Great idea!  Thank you! 
    Olivia Madison born July 27th, 2011 at 27w6d at 10:44pm 1lb 11oz 13 1/2 inches delivered c-section due to Severe Preeclampsia and PIH
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