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Those of you who EP..

How many oz does your little one eat in a day? Since I'm back to work, I mostly pump (only nurse him in the evenings)..On most days, he only eats 3 bottles  (4.5 oz each)and nurses twice (he STTN). With my supply being lower in the evenings, I think he's probably only eating about 20-22 oz/day.. Even on the days where he manages 6 feedings, he might be lucky to take in 25 oz/day. He will be 3 months on Feb 6th so that just doesn't seem like enough..Of course we don't have another doc appt until March so I figured I'd ask here first before calling the nurse line at the pedi..
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Re: Those of you who EP..

  • This sounds a little low, but I don't think it is low enough to get concerned about. I also "mostly" pump, but breastfeed when I can. My little guy just turned 3 months on Saturday, and I think he gets 7 feedings at the most in a day now. He is just getting better at sleeping thorough the night, so that has definitely cut out at least one feeding a day. The one thing my LO still does though is cluster feeding at night. It seems like he takes in almost 2 complete feedings at night before he will let you put him down. He also eats about 4-4.5 oz per bottle when he is bottle fed.

    In my breastfeeding for working moms class, they explained that the quantity of feedings shouldn't go up over time, but that your milk changes as the baby matures. The milk becomes more fatty and that is what lets the baby go longer between feedings/STTN, etc. Don't ever compare what your baby eats to what a formula fed baby eats for that reason, it is just a very different way of getting nutrients. I think if you asked a nurse, they would ask if he was making plenty of wet diapers, etc.

    Also, my pedi was "estimating" for me before I went back to work that my LO probably eats in the ballpark of 27 oz per day. If your LO manages 25 oz, then that isn't far off at all...

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  • Between 1-6 months, EBF babies (and remember, EP is a form of EBF) eat between 19oz-30oz per day.  If LO's weight gain is good, you're well within that range.  It may seem like they should be eating more as they get larger, but that is not necessarily the case.

    KellyMom is a super resource which you might want to bookmark:

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  • DS eats on average 6 4oz bottles a day, so 24oz. Somedays more- somedays less. 

    If your LO seems content and is growing/gaining weight, I wouldn't worry much at all. You can't force them to eat if they aren't hungry

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  • Thanks ladies! I'm guessing he's fine.. if he was hungry he'd wake up at night to eat so whatever amount he's getting must be satisfying him. Maybe I'll just start adding an extra 1/2 oz-1 oz to his daycare bottles to see if he finishes them and give him a few extra calories to make up for my lower evening supply..
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  • My little guy is 3.5 months old. I pump while at work. he takes 2.5-3oz every 2-3 hours when i am away. I nurse in the morning before work and when I am home with him in the evening. He cluster feeds from about 6-10 usually getting in 3 shorter feedings at that time. I'd say he "eats" about 8 times a day and goes about 6-7 hours straight at night. I worry sometimes he is not getting enough, but he is happy, eats wells, sleeps well, and is playful. I try not to worry about it too much but do plan to mention it to the pediatrician when he goes for his 4 month visit. 
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  • He eats about the same as my LO who is growing just perfectly.  He is 11 weeks old, 7lbs 7oz at birth, 11lbs 5oz at 8 weeks.  I EP, and since about 7 weeks old he takes between 5 and 6 4.5oz bottles a day.  I offer 5, sometimes he takes all 5, but usually only takes 4.5.  He averages about 25oz/day

  • A eats 4 to 5oz every 3 hours, except for a 6 hour stretch at night, so 28 to 35oz a day. His eating habits have been on the higher end from the start, keeping up a supply is tough!

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