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BTDT Moms: Convertible Car Seat ?

I am definitely planning on purchasing/ registering for an infant car seat. I'm guessing that the baby will be in that car seat until he/she is 6-8 months old. Do you think it worthwhile to register for a convertible car seat now? I know car seats have expiration dates so I didn't know if it was a wise move to go ahead and check it off the list or wait to purchase it later?
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Re: BTDT Moms: Convertible Car Seat ?

  • I registered for a convertible and recieved it at my baby shower. DS was in it around 7 months and still init now at 18 months. I don't remember the exact expiration date but I know it's far enough out that he will probably grow out of it before it expires. 
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  • My son is really short so he actually fit in his infant car seat until 18 months. 

    I had registered for the convertible car seat at my shower but so glad I didn't get one because that would have been a year and a half of wasted time sitting around.  I'd say wait.  

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  • I say not to.you might have a smaller kid that can use the infant seat longer. I know my kids were not all that small and we didnt switch into a convertable untill 10 or 11 months. So if we had got one for a shower we would have lost a year on it. (my 4 1/2 year old is still in his convertable with no end in sight)
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  • I switched to a convertible around 5-6 months. He hated the infant seat and was much happier in the convertible. Plus, the infant carrier was getting too heavy. With that said, I would wait. You may end up liking something different in 6 months to a year.

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  • I did register for one and received it at my shower, which was great for us because DD only stayed in the infant bucket for about 6 months. 

    If you do get one, make sure you try it out in the car right away to confirm that it is a good fit.  We waited until DD was ready to go into the seat, and then were unable to get it installed properly with a comfortable fit for the people in the front seat.  BRU gave us a hard time about returning it because it was over six months from the date of purchase.  They did eventually take it back, but it would have saved us some hassle if we had tried it right after receiving it.

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  • I'd wait.  DD is very small for height and weight.  We switched her at a year to a convertible, but she could have stayed in her infant seat longer.  I was happy to have that extra year on the convertible expiration date.
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  • I'd go ahead and add it now.
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  • We switched to the convertible around 4 mo b/c DD hated the infant seat.  I'd say add it.
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  • I didn't register for one--just the infant seat. DD was in her infant seat until she was a year old, so it would have just sat there for all that time. Plus, our parents bought other big ticket items, and I really didn't have any other guests who would have bought me a $200 gift anyway :-)

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  • You could make a case either way, especially if you want a pricier one.  We purchased both of ours (Evenflo Triumph DLX) and the first one to expire doesn't expire until late next year or the year after.  Baby #3 will get to use #1's for a little bit.

    Anyways - my point is my medium/tall 5 1/4 year old could still fit in her (technically and comfortably) for a couple more inches.  You really want to make them stretch!

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  • Why not register for it now and maybe get it, or help paying for it?  My son was switched from an infant seat to a convertable car seat (Britax Marathon) at 11 or so months.  He loved it so much better thant he infant seat.  He was still under the weight limit of the infant seat, but he was getting too long and squished, so I switched him.
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