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Update, he's here!

Logan Michael was born at 10:52 this evening! He is 6lbs 14 oz, 19 inches long.

My water started leaking around 1 this afternoon, but I ignored it at first, because I felt like I may have just pee-ed myself a little.  Around 2 there was no doubt it was my water, so I called the doctor on call, and was told to go right to the hospital.  They checked me, and I was 3.5 cm, almost 4.  I had been 2.5 at my last appointment.

A little while later, I still wasn't contracting regularly, they checked me again, and I was only 4 cm, so they started me on low pitocin.  Around 9:30, I was feeling some pressure, so they checked me again, I had no more progress.  

 I decided to go ahead and eat an epi, which I was against, since they  can stall labor, but I learned from you lovely ladies that it sometimes gets things going.   Fortunately, it did.  I was fully dilated within half an hour.  The epi only worked on half my body, which was great, because I had relief, but could feel things well for pushing.    Also, my anesthesiologst was the one from my csection, so screwed up, and only numbed half my body, resulting in my needing general.

About  5 pushes later, he was here!   Overall, I must say it was very easy labor, I am so glad I decided to vbac!  And little man nurses great already.  Now, I am suffering from a bt of insomnia, so hopefully I can fall asleep soon!  

Thank you all for all your well wishes earlier. 

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