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Still can't feel my baby. :

I'm 21 weeks and haven't felt a single movement. My placenta is attached in the front so I was told it can take longer to feel movements. My last Doctor's appointment was on Tuesday and she said she would guess by this weekend I would feel it. I haven't and I'm starting to become sad about it. :

Re: Still can't feel my baby. :

  • I spoke with a friend tonight about feeling the baby and she didn't feel hers until she was somewhere in week 21.  She, too, had an anterior placenta, which was why she was unable to feel the baby kicking even though she's a skinny person with a small frame.  Don't fret over it, it'll happen in due time.  I'm 18.5 weeks and have recently begun feeling the baby...i think!?  I believe the only reason I've been able to feel it is because I've been home on the couch watching TV, so I think Baby has been more active and I've been able to pay more attention.  Good luck!
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  • One of the girls on my Dec 2010 moms group didn't feel hers until 26 weeks with an anterior placenta - I am sure it's frustrating! Sorry Sad


  • I also have an anterior placenta and it does take longer.  Also, as a first-timer I didn't know what to "look" for...  Now that I'm feeling baby regularly I'm convinced I felt him earlier but had no idea what it was.

    and this week?  I barely felt the guy.  I was super stressed and busy at work.  I decided to take the weekend off -- do nothing but knit, read, and play games.  Sure enough, I've been feeling him all weekend.  I'm convinced I needed to get back in tune with myself! 

    Hang in there! 

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  • My OB said she didn't feel her first baby until 22 weeks.
  • its ok mama... i have anterior placenta too.... i only felt the baby slight the first time right at week 20... i feel it lightly a few times a day but not like other mamas without anterior placenta... i can't feel baby from the outside and i can't see movement yet... my dr said probably not till the 25th week.. it will be soon! dont worry

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  • Have you tried pushing on your belly, I found that is when I can feel the baby move.  I annoy her a little and I can feel her move away from where I am pushing.  I don't feel it all the time, just when I am laying down and messing with her.  Try and get the baby to move from one side to the other, you should be able to feel it on the sides.  Good luck and I am sure you will start to feel it soon.
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  • I don't have the placenta issue BUT I was panicking a little because I couldn't feel my LO very much. It turned out that he was much farther down than I thought and once I saw that on the u/s I realized I had been feeling him; I just didn't realize it. So it could be that you feel him and just don't know it yet.
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  • I had an anterior placenta with my first and I didn't feel anything until 21 or 22 weeks.  It went from feeling nothing to being able to feel & see the movement from the outside.
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  • I'm with you, although I don't know how my placenta placement is (A/S scheduled next week).  Last night when I was in bed, I thought I felt something...but who knows?  I have round ligament pain, so I am constantly feeling things down there.  I don't think I have distinguished between the two, if it has happened. 

    It makes me sad as well, I can't wait to feel baby move!!


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