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Anyone bald yet?

Anyone bald yet?
Or feel like they will be soon?! My hair is falling out by the boatload.

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Re: Anyone bald yet?

  • Luckily I started with thick hair, so no, but man is it nasty! I have to have DH go over me with a lint roller multiple times before I leave for work and still find gross hair balls everywhere. Today I found one in DD's foot when I took off her socks :(
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  • Um, I thought it was just me!  Before pregnancy, my hair fell out pretty easy but nothing like this!!  I also have very thin hair so I probably will be bald soon!
  • Haha! I'm losing so much hair...its coming out by the handful!
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  • I feel like I should be bald!!  Unbelievable!!  It's starting to scare me!

  • I swear I'm constantly picking hair off of my LO. So much is falling out....
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  • Started super thick, but it's still bad. Dh asked me today how much longer this lasted. My hair is everywhere!!!
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  • I'm from Nov '12, but I creep on you ladies often since DS was born early and came in Oct. So...first post here...hi. :)

    But, yes, I am shedding like crazy! I have thick hair to begin with, so hopefully I don't go bald...but geez, I'm starting to worry... The shower drain is disgusting when I'm done, and I have to clean out the hair brush daily. Maybe instead of being obsessed with shopping on Etsy, I need to start spending my internet time googling some nice wigs. ;)

    Seriously, though, it's making me want to chop my long hair, but I'm sure that's a decision I'd regret.... 

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  • No, but I went out to lunch with a GF and she says to me "Don't you hate it now that your hair is falling out now that you're not pregnant? I mean, look at those whisps of hair by your face where your hair has cracked off" And I was like "uhh...whisps of hair by my face?! Cracked off RUDE!!" (and BTW I've always had those little bang short hairs by my temples - so nothing changed for me...but it was really random)
  • Mine and my LO's hair is falling out! We're both going to be bald. He had so much hair as a newborn and now it's almost all gone. Oh well, it'll regrow.

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  • My vaccume was clogged...yuck! I hate cleaning out that roller thingy on the bottom
  • The floors are covered, I cannot seem to keep up! I think I need to vacuum twice a day, it is insane. After I showered enough hair came out that I could have made a tupae, spelling?
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  • Dude its horrible. I just run my hands through my hair and am left with a clump in my hand. Yuck.
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  • I have had ZERO hair fall out! My hair is super thick and driving me nuts. I think it's because I've been taking Biotin daily for the past few months so maybe thats why, but come on. I just want to lose some hair.

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  • Ahhh, thankful I'm not the only one. My husband actually asked me with much concern last night if anything was wrong with my health because he's been noticing more hair loss. I told him is was just one of the fabulous prices I am paying for having our kid. I did start Biotin a week or so ago, but to no avail yet. Maybe it's slowing the hair loss down, but if that's the case, I'd be bald otherwise.
  • I am losing so much and my hair is really long so it seems like even more. I really think that my body is just making up for all the hair I didn't lose during pregnancy.

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  • Honestly, I wish it would start falling out.  I feel like my hair is so dry and nasty.  I'm ready for some new growth!
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  • I was getting so worried and wanted to stock up on Drano!  My hair is everywhere and kept falling out.  Finally looks like it is stopping, though.  Two months of this was crazy!  (My babies were born 6 weeks early, so mine probably started falling out before yours and now stopping)
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