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time for 1 nap?

I think I know the answer, but I've got a mom in my ear whispering something else so I'd like an opinion besides my own.  DS has been pushing his morning nap later (10:30-12:30ish), pushing his afternoon nap even further.  I have to put him down at 4, hopefully he's asleep by 4:30, then I wake him at 5:30 so he doesn't sleep too late for bedtime at 8.  In the past week or so I've had to rock him to sleep for some of those second naps because he just can't settle himself down.

I think it's time to drop to 1 nap.  Occasionally we've had to do 1-a-day naps from about 1-3pm.  It's hard, and he's super cranky before the nap and bedtime...but IMO if I'm having to rock him to sleep he just really doesn't need that nap that badly anymore.  WTYT? 

Re: time for 1 nap?

  • Sounds like it. We just followed ds's cues and let him go down to one when he was ready.
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  • I agree with the PP. My daughter has been doing the same. Even on days I leave her in the crib for like an hour. She is singing not sleeping. We have been in transition for a few wks though. No fun. She is getting only an 1 to 1.5 hrs of nap rather then the 2.5 from before all of this started and is over tired so now she is waking at night. No bueno, but we are dealing and hoping to get it all settled soon. 
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  • At near 18 mos, I would like my DD to go to one nap ... like you I am watching for her to sleep later ... but my DD still goes to sleep at 9:30 (1st nap).   Any day now...  I put DD down no later than 3:00 for a 2nd nap.  She has a cold which I think is messing things up this week...


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  • Probably. It's on the earlier side of normal, IME, but that's fine. You might have times when he still needs 2 as you transition, so as long as you're flexible, it should be fine. 


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  • We tried one nap for a few days and LO was so cranky all the time, so we are back to 2 per day and everyone is happier.  Her first nap is usually only about 40 minutes though.
  • That's exactly what was happening to us before we went to 1 nap.  I would suggest moving the one nap earlier starting around 12 pm rather than 1 pm and also moving bedtime earlier to about 7pm.  

      Also, for about the first week she keep waking up after about only an hour into her one nap.  For about a week I would rock her or rub her back to get her to go back to sleep and after that she would sleep for at least two hours.



  • 12m is a bit early to drop to one nap, but not totally unheard of.

    At 16m my LO was taking his am nap but outright refusing a pm one. We'd try rocking, etc for 30-45min and still nothing. That's when we started pushing the am one later and he started sleeping 2-3hrs midday. We've always rocked/nursed/etc LO to sleep though. Now H lays next to him and rubs his back.

    I've read that if the baby sleeps for more than 30mins (without being disturbed lol) that indicates they still need that nap.

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