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Please Help Me!!! (talking)

Hi Ladys, I need some advice.. My son and I went for his one year check up. The doctor doesn't feel my son his hitting the mildstones for talking. All my son says is mama. We work with him all the time on words and nothing is working...

So how many words was your one years old saying?

What ideas do you have to get your LO talking more?


Re: Please Help Me!!! (talking)

  • my daughter had 7 words at 12 months and a ton more now half a year later.  I heard boys talk later than girls, did you ask the doc about that?
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  • Ds had probably 3 or 4 words by a year, if not more. We encourage him by repeating everything he says, describing and narrating everything we do, and singing a lot.
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  • I thought they really started worrying about this at 18 months? I wouldn't be worried yet.
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  • Most kids only say 1 to a few words at 12 months.  DS only said "uh-oh" at 12 months, and our pedi didn't mention any concerns.  Within the past week he's started to say "kitty, done, and bye."  

    All babies develop at their own rate. I just talk to him a lot, even if it's just talking to him about how I'm cleaning the bathtub at the moment or the process of changing his diaper :)  I name everything he points to and try to be consistent with my words (the cat is always kitty, his water is always drink).  He's become very interested in his books, which will probably help him as well.

  • I wouldn't worry yet.  In my experience they have word explosions, where they go from 1-2 words to 10 in a week. 

    DD2 says 12 words.  We show her items that we are playing with and say their name.  We do a lot of repetition of words and we can see her trying to move her mouth to say them. 

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  • image drpayne:
    I thought they really started worrying about this at 18 months? I wouldn't be worried yet.


    I think there's supposed to be a vocab increase between 18 and 24 months. My kid is a talker but one of her little church friends just points. They're both perfectly normal and developing just fine. Don't stress.

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  • I don't think its time to worry just yet. From what I've read its fine if they have 1 or more word. Then there is a lang growth somewhere around 18 months. I'd ask your dr if there were specific reasons he/she was worried other then only saying 1 word. Maybe they noticed something you didn't and didn't mention it. Otherwise, I feel it might have been an overreaction. 
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  • At 11m my DD said "hi" (so 1 word at her 12m appt - my pedi wasn't worried), at 13m she said "mama" ... now at 17m she says "uh oh" and "all done".  Next week is her 18m, so we'll see what the pedi says.  My instinct is that DD is fine.
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  • DS said 3 words at 25 months.  Mama, dada and baby.  We got his hearing tested and were starting to look into other evaluations.  By 26 months his vocabulary grew like crazy and now you'd never know he was a late talker.  At 12 months, I wouldn't worry about it.  Maybe around 18-24 months...
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  • One word at 12 months is fine. Our pedi said he liked 1 word at 12 months, 3 - 5 by 15 months, and more than 15 at 18 months.

    Have you tried signing? It might help if your son isn't ready to talk but wants to communicate. Otherwise, singing, reading books, and talking about everything is about all you can do to help.


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  • All kids are so different it's so hard to tell! Our daughter said more words and more enunciated before she was 13 months than she does now. Now she just jabbers lol.  And instead of using the words she knows right she just rambles.  She knew Mama, daddy, papa, papap and nana and dog by the time she was 1 and used them all towards who they belonged.. now she will choose one of those words.. or her fav which is  " Ba'ah" and use it for EVERYTHING lol.

    She does Jabber a lot though, but i've had people tell us it must be because of all the music we have in her life. My dad is a worship leader ( we currently live with my parents) and we constantly have music and toddler tunes playing.  Don't know if it's true or if it works but yah lol
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  • I wouldn't worry! My son said mama for everything and still is the only word he says and he's almost 16 months. Everyone learns at different paces. I'm not worried because I know he understands, he's just not vocal. He'll nod his head with certain questions, he's very hands on and communicates in other ways. I used to get worried because I was always comparing with other kids but I've realized now that it only makes you more paranoid that you're not doing right by your kid~ :)

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  • Ditto PP with asking your Dr why he is concerned.

    I don't think 1 word is abnormal at 12m, but if there are other things going on, all that combined could be the reason for worry.

    Does your LO respond to language and otherwise seem expressive, grunts/smiles/pointing/etc?  I'm wondering if Dr has noticed signs that she may have hearing/other issues. Although I would hope the Dr would explain more than to just say, she should say more words. That's not really helpful to the parent.

    IIRC LO had 2-3 words at 12m, and now at 18m we've stopped counting because it's well over 30. But at 12m he was clearly understanding words, responding to speech, trying to communicate, pointing, etc.

    ETA - in terms of bolstering speech read a lot to LO, and limit the time the TV is on. Studies have found that having TV on all day, as background noise not necessarily being watched, have been linked to speech delays.

  • Our pedi said he looked for 3 words at 12 months, but I really wouldn't worry. I have also heard that it really isn't cause for concern unless your child doesn't have any words by 18 months.

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  • My DS wasn't saying any words at 1. He occasionally says Dada, but that's it. Our ped said they don't start to worry about it until 18mo. My DS does babble constantly and just started doing signs
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