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no movement

ive noticed decreased movement in the past 2 weeks but in the last couple days ive only felt LO only about 5 times a day. should I tell my doctor? he sounded fine when his heart was checked Tuesday. could there be a problem or is it him just getting ready for delivery

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  • How far along are you?  As always with questions like this on this board, you should probably call your doctor just for safety.  But for what it's worth, I too have noticed a marked decrease in fetal movement, but at my ultrasounds and appointments this past Friday, he was totally fine.  The ultrasound techs and my doctors all said he's starting to run out of room, so the movements are there, but aren't nearly as dramatic as before - so its probably just that I'm not noticing them unless I really sit still and pay attention.
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  • How far along are you? Sorry I can't see tickers on my phone.

    And the movement isn't supposed to stop or slow down dramatically. It's going to be more of twists and turns instead of kicks and jabs..

    Try drinking icy cold water or some juice and lie down and do a kick count.. If nothing happens in an hour or so go to the hospital to check on your baby.
    Good luck and I hope everything is well..
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  • Everything might be A-OK, as they tend to get crowded the closer you get to delivery, but definitely mention it to your doctor. Just in case. It never hurts to ask. Your doc won't think you're stupid for bringing it up! In fact, my doctor asks me every visit how the baby's moving. 

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  • Im 36 weeks and 1 day, Im already 2cm 70% effaced at -1 station. I just drank some OJ and got some slight movements. This afternoon I had an intense contraction and there was constant menstrual like cramping that went on for about 3 hours after changing its intensity but not regularly. & now im just lightly cramping. I felt like I was going to have him this afternoon. But all that is gone now...
  • Every time I have intense contractions my baby tends too move a lot.. You said you felt slight movement so that's good to know.. Lie back on your bed with a pillow behind your back. Make sure you're able to see your stomach. Drink cold water and poke at your stomach. The baby just might be sleeping but you need peace of mind.. If the baby starts moving while your doing that then everything is fine but if not call your doctor. You can also try a quick walk around your house and then sitting down too..
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  • Every so often I'll notice that baby doesn't move quite as much as the day before. Like yesterday I feel like she wasn't as active as she has been today.

    I would try drinking water or having something sugary and see if that gets him moving. If you still feel uncomfortable then maybe call your dr tomorrow. 

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