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Ergo owners...help

So I bid on an Ergo on ebay for basically $30.  Its brand new.  Then I started reading all these warning about fake Ergos and I'm afraid this one is going to be.  Could any of you tell me if this is what yours looked like in the box?


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Re: Ergo owners...help

  • The only thing that would concern me is in the picture, they don't show the label on the product. It is folded in such a way that you either can't see the label or it isn't there. Mine is black, so I don't know if the print is normal or not. It looks a little "off," but that may be perfectly normal.
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  • I would ask to see more pictures 

    eta: I don't own one but I've heard about the fakes. Look it up so you know what to look for 

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  • Ergo only has one authorized retailer on ebay, and they have stated that a new one below retail on ebay is probably a fake.  What concerns me about the one you bid on is the seam in the hood (where the pattern is), it is not like that one the ergo website and neither one of my ergos has a seam in the hood, it is one piece of material.

    Amazon has some good deals for Ergos, just make sure it comes directly from Amazon or ErgoBaby.





  • Thanks ladies...I think Ill just go with amazon


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  • I think it is a little odd that it is folded exactly where the ergo label would be.  Definitely think you are making a wise decision to go with amazon.  Costco has great deals too.  Is there a consignment store near you?  I know people who sold theirs to one after never using it!
  • Like previous post I would ask for more picture, to me, the straps don't look like my Ergo, doesn't mean it isn't because I don't have the organic one. But I would ask for me clarification. I was told that people who own ergo's sell them for close to asking price because they are expensive and people will pay close to 100 dollars for a used one.

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