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Rib pain

Anyone else starting to feel pain in their ribs?  LO is measuring 3 weeks ahead, so I know he's a big boy, but I really do not remember feeling this uncomfortable at 33 weeks when I was pregnant with DD.  I also started to feel really tired, hot and achy.  Hope I can make it through!
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Re: Rib pain

  • I had terrible sternum pain earlier this week that was starting to radiate down the ribs.  I went to a chiropractor recommended to me by my OB and POOF!  No more pain!  This has been the only treatment for anything this pregnancy that has worked so completely.  Maybe your OB can refer you to a chiropractor that can help? 

    The chiropractor I saw said I was having pain because the baby is spreading my ribs but I am also simultaneously a little hunched over because of the extra weight in the front. 

    Hope you feel better soon!

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  • I have had the same issue. I was diagnosed with Costochondritis which is fancy for Rib Cartilage Inflammation. It's the cartilage between the sternum and the ribs. My doc believes its due to the fact that my uterus is literally crushing my ribs. It hurts the worst when I am sitting and it's only on the right side. They told me to ice it and I have gotten some relief that way. Good luck!
  • Yes! Lots of rib and back pain. Chiro helps for a few days at a time I find. 

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  • My rib pain is all on the right side, mainly because little boy has his feet jammed there most of the time.  And he likes to kick and stretch!
  • Unfortunately my rib pain is from LOs feet being jammed up there. Don't see that going away. :
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  • image rm2013:
    Unfortunately my rib pain is from LOs feet being jammed up there. Don't see that going away. :


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  • I have rib pain, but it is from all of my coughing as I get over this upper respiratory infection.
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