7 mo old baby boy has cold and no appetite but happy

Anyone with experience please reply.

He just has a runny nose and not much of an appetite. He's on solids and BF but hasn't taken much of either today. Has had a bit of a runny nose for a few days. I think he got it from me, I had a cold for 2-3 days but is now gone :( Bad mama! 

No fever, not much fussiness, eyes are clear, a little extra tired and doesn't want any solids and much less BF than normal.  

We're using the saline solution to clear his nose and then using the blue bulb to pull it all out.

I'm wondering if the lack of appetite usual?

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Re: 7 mo old baby boy has cold and no appetite but happy

  • This is how LO acts when cutting a tooth down to the runny nose. When he is sick he wants to nurse more. Every baby is different though, hope he feels better soon!

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  • It might just be that when he nurses it's hard for him to breath. 

    Try turning the shower on and standing in the bathroom for 15 min then use the blue bulb, do this before you try to nurse.

    If it doesn't get better tomorrow I would call the pedi.  You don't want your LO to be dehydrated.

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  • Thanks guys.. I will try that tonight and see how it works out. 
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  • We just went though this with my 7 month old. He had rsv and had lots of nasal secretions. I made sure to use saline and bulb before we would nurse.
    He did have less of an appetite for about two days. I did find it easier to nurse him more frequently and he naturally would nurse for a shorter time since it was hard for him to breathe. We stopped offering solids as well so that he got all of calories from milk and would stay more hydrated. He didn't seem to notice that I didn't offer it.


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  • Good idea Liz. I was just worried he wasn't getting enough nutrients today but DUH I should know by now most of the nutrients come from the breast milk (as it dawned on me tonight)! Seriously lack of sleep can make anyone ditsy. I feel a lot better today having given him a much warmer bath, did the saline and bulb rinse of the nose and he seems to be better!!
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