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Quesadilla Help

Well Aiden is still a beast to try to feed, and I've seen many of you are successful with Quesadillas.  What type of shell are you using, and what type of cheese have you tried?

Re: Quesadilla Help

  • I love quesadillas :)

    I make them with flour tortillas, cheddar cheese mixed with green chili and chicken.

    I microwave the tortillas to heat them up as I let the skillet warm up, add the inside ingredients and them put hte 2nd tortilla ontop. I then put them on the skillet to melt the cheese, flipping frequently so it doesnt burn.

    yumm you made me want quesadillas for breakfast. ha!


  • Lol, I can put almost anything in a quesadilla and Paul will eat it. The kid loves tortillas and cheese. We use whatever cheese we have on hand-usually cheddar or Colby jack. Mix in whatever fixings you want. Last night I made him one with taco meat, spinach chopped tiny, corn, black beans and tomatoes. I bake mine on 350 for about 7-10 minutes.

    eta: we just use 2 of the soft taco sized tortillas. 

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  • I use flour tortillas. Brown the chicken, beef or steak in a skillet with oils. Add seasonings. Then I get the tortillas and put the ingredients on one half, then fold it. Then put it back on the skillet to melt the cheese and toast the tortillas.
    They can also be baked as PP mentioned.
    I like the fajita size tortillas
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  • I usually make mine on an electric skillet (that is one of those things I got for my wedding that I thought I would never use, but I use it probably about 1x/week), which makes it easier to make 2 at a time.  

    I use flour tortillas with Mexican blend cheese (we buy a huge bag at Costco).  For fillings I use black beans, broccoli, avocado, fish, whatever is on hand.

    To crisp up the tortillas without getting them too greasy, I spray a little bit of pam on the outside.   

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  • Like PPs, Lucia will eat almost anything in a tortilla.  I use a dry pan, flour tortillas, and usually cheddar, but also mozzarella or any other kind of cheese I have on hand.  I just lay a tortilla flat in the hot pain, sprinkle half with shredded cheese, fold over and let it sit for a bit, then flip it.  It's easier for her to eat if it's chewy and not crisp, so I just let it sit long enough to melt the cheese.  

    I often also add chicken, pork, tomatoes, beans, corn, onions, or whatever I have on hand.  But if she's being super picky, I just stick with plain cheese.  She also likes guacamole on top.  

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