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DH threw me a curve ball...

He actually perked up and made a suggestion for a first name for our potential little which of these combinations of fn/mn do you think flows best together (we have a three-syllable ln that starts with "s"). Siblings are Benjamin, Emma and Quentin.

*It wouldn't let me do a poll [:/], so it'll have to be the old fashioned way.

DH's suggestion: Madelyn (Do you think it is of the same feel of our other children's names or does it feel out of sorts? And spelling is staying this way, I do not prefer Madeline - it reminds me of the French cartoon).

Madelyn Elizabeth (DH's favorite mn/ for my great grandmother)
Madelyn Marie (mn is mine and my mom's mn)
Madelyn Christina (my mom's confirmation name)
Madelyn May (mn has meaning for both me and my mom)


Lillian Elizabeth 
Lillian Marie
Lillian Christina
Lillian May

I'd like to stick to these middle names as these mean the most to my family. Smile Thanks so much for your help ladies! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your weekend! 








Re: DH threw me a curve ball...

  • I prefer Lillian. I like it better and I think it's better for the sibset. Lillian Marie and Lillian Mae are my picks.

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  • I like Madelyn Elizabeth or Lillian Mae.

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  • I like both names, but since I dislike the spelling Madelyn, I vote for Lillian Marie.

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  • Very cute. I like both Lillian and Madelyn. I would choose Madelyn Elizabeth or Lillian Marie.
  • I love Madeleine. However, the -lyn spelling gives it a different feel from your children's names. Lillian is a wonderful name and I think that it goes better with Benjamin, Emma and Quentin. Both Lillian Elizabeth and Lillian Marie are great options.
  • I like Madelyn Marie the best.  My daughter's name is Adelynn, though, so I may be biased ;-)
  • Lillian.

    I prefer Elizabeth as MN, but if you want to use your name Marie flows nicely, too.

  • image -auntie-:


    I prefer Elizabeth as MN, but if you want to use your name Marie flows nicely, too.


    these are my thoughts too 

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  • I like both names, and both sound great with the siblings.  The spelling of Madelyn does look a little more modern (and Benjamin, Emma, and Quentin are all classic older names).  If you don't like Madeline, have you considered Madeleine?  If you don't like that one either, then Madelyn is fine.

    I personally like Lillian a teensy bit better, I think.  All the middle names sound lovely.  Some questions to help you choose:  Is there one you would be MORE sad about never getting to use?  Do your other children have long or short middle names?  Without knowing the answers to those, I'm immediately drawn to Madelyn May and Lillian Christina.  I think I'd avoid Marie -- even though it's an important family middle name, the first names you're choosing are rather common, so I'd tend to want to steer you toward a slightly less common middle name -- especially since you have other important family names that fit the bill. 

    One thing to notice about Elizabeth:  her initials would be M.E.S. (like "mess") or L.E.S. (like "less").  Would either of those things bother you?  Neither is a complete deal-breaker, in my book, but it's something to consider.

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  • I think both Madelyn and Lillian work just fine with the sibset. I like Lillian just a tiny bit more, because it's a little more classic like the rest of your children's names.

    I prefer Madelyn Elizabeth and Lillian May.

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  • Lillian Marie love the name Lillian

  • Lillian works better, I think.  But not Lillian Elizabeth...too much "L"ness going on for my taste.

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  • I don't like Madelyn with your sibset, all the other names are classics with classic spellings where Madelyn is an Amercicanized spelling of Madeleine. Madeline is a different pronunciation from Madelyn/Madeleine. If you are set on that spelling then my vote goes to Lillian.

    Lillian Elizabeth.

  • image LMvW85:
    I love Madelyn. However, the -lyn spelling gives it a different feel from your children's names..

    I agree with this. I have a cousin named Madelyn Marie, and I really like the way her names flows. 

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  • I love Madelyn (spelling this way even though it's an UO).  And I love Lillian.  I think with your other names, I would choose Lillian.

    I would use either Elizabeth or Marie with either first name.  In order:

    1. Lillian Marie
    2. Lillian Elizabeth
    3. Madelyn Elizabeth
    4. Madelyn Marie

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  • Both are too popular for my taste, but if I had to pick, I'd go with Lillian Elizabeth.
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  • I like Madelyn May the best followed by Lilian May. 

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  • Lillian May (although I prefer the traditional spelling of Mae)!
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  • Love them both. Madelyn Elizabeth or Lillian May. Both go well with siblings. 
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  • I like Lillian Marie and Lillian May best.
  • I love Madelyn, but Lillian is pretty too.  I think either works.  I like Madelyn Marie best of your mn options.
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  • Lillian love love Lily! DH won't go for it so I am jealous :)
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  • Your kids are so cute! 

    I prefer Lillan, and I like the MN Elizabeth. I think it fits your sibset the best.  

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  •  I like Madelyn Elizabeth  the best!



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  • Not a fan of Madelyn, especially with this spelling. My favorite combo is Lillian Elizabeth.
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  • Madelyn Elizabeth, it's pretty and classic with a modern Maddie NN.



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