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Anyone else a Military spouse?

Just curious... we're a USAF family waiting to find out where we PCS next!
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Re: Anyone else a Military spouse?

  • Military family here too! Both DH and I are prior Marines and now he is taking time off for school and and doing AF Reserves while doing school full time and working full time at a school. Not my idea of time off but he likes staying busy.

    I always hated PCS'n all over the place! Where do you hope to PCS to?
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  • We are USAF too!
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  • We are as well.  DH is in the Army.  I was in the Army as well but was injured in the line of duty and discharged.  DH has been in 6 years and has 5 more on his current contract.  We will be at our current duty station for until May 2015.

    ETA:  My father is a retired E-9 so I am used to moving a lot.  I love it!  New places and new adventures.  I am hoping for another PCS to Europe!  DH and I have been to 4 duty stations together so far!

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  • My husband is in the Marines : nice to know there are other military families on here! Good luck with your pcs and try to stay relaxed as possible :
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  • My husband is in the Marines as well.
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  • Us too! DH was USAF when we met and now he is in the reserves Iowa Air National Guard.

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  • Might be a bit of an outcast here but my husband is in the Canadian Air Force. He's currently going to school to get his degree to be an officer and once he's done he'll start his training to become a pilot. He was Army for 9 years prior to all this though so we've experienced the whole gamut of the military lifestyle! lol!
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  • My hubby is in the Navy! He was in the Army before we met, but got injured in the line of duty so they gave him the option of getting out on VA benefits, or switching to the Navy where he needed more book smarts than physical ability. He decided to go Navy an I am glad he did because that is how we met!
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  • I am, Army we are at schofield in Hawaii. Nice to see some military ladies on here:)
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  • Former Coastie Wife my husband recently got out well, 4yrs ago now and never thought I would miss PCSing until we had been here we bought a house where we're from for 2 years.... Then I automatically was ready to pack up and move. Miss my military family big time I think more than him!
  • I am a military wifey!!!  Hubby is in the u.s.c.g and been in for 6.5 years!

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  • My husband is Active Duty Army! We're in the middle of a PCS from GA to CA, but I'm hoping hell be home for a bit because this is his instructor time!

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  • Yeah, we're stationed in England right now (LOVE it here!) but found out today that we're going to Phoenix, AZ in July. It'll be our first PSC together (he moved to the UK first, then I followed later) and he's been in the USAF for about 7 years- after I finish my RN degree I hope to get commissioned. This is also our first child so we're pretty excited!!



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  • We are Army family, but I am an AF Brat.
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