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A little perspective (child with D.S.)

Near our neighborhood there's a handicap bus that picks a high school kid up who has down syndrome. We have found out the hard way that this particular bus takes a long time to pick this kid up. It's not clear why, since he very orderly walks on the bus and says a short good-bye to his mom. After a few times of us complaining, we did what any normal person does: accept it and avoid this route at this time.
This week as I was coming back home from taking my DD to public school, I took the route past this kid's house. Looking at the clock, I was thankful that I was driving by before the bus came for him. As I passed them waiting on the sidewalk, I was privy to one of the sweetest moments between a mother and child. He was holding his mom's hand and as she was looking for the bus and not at him, he lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. He looked at her hand as if it was the very thing that held his tender heart.
That was such a gorgeous moment that did infact make my life richer for having witnessed it. I hope I remember that for the rest of my life.
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Re: A little perspective (child with D.S.)

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