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S/O baby number 2 or 3, or more

How far apart is too far apart? My brother and I are 3 years apart. I think it worked out, close enough to be friends, but far enough we didn't annoy each other in school. Before we even think about having another, we need to move out of our two bedroom house. It was a prefect starter home that we said we would be in for 5 years then look to move. Well, August will be 5 years and we couldn't have predicted the crash in the housing market that now has our house worth practically nothing!
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Re: S/O baby number 2 or 3, or more

  • We just had our second 2m shy of 4 years apart. We are still in our 2 bedroom townhouse and due to some serious purging of stuff it's actually not bad! I think because this time around I realized how much stuff you DON'T need with a baby...
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  • Ours are 22 months apart. I'm very happy with that age difference, because I won't get accustomed to no diapers and have to go back to it. Also when I'm done with daycare I can get my house cleaner sooner. Our house is a three bedroom, but our third room is an office/gun room. These two will be sharing a room for awhile. Ours is also our starter home. Thought it would be 3 years, and that comes in April. We'll probably be here for about 4.5-5 years.
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  • I'm the youngest of 4 girls. My sisters are 4, 6, and 9 years older than me. Growing up I always was 'the little one' or 'too little to do' whatever. I wasn't close with my sisters until I was in high school and even then I was only close with the one 4 years older. If I didn't have kids so young I probably still wouldn't be close to the other two. For that reason I always wanted my kids close in age.
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  • My brother and I are 4.5 years apart. We aren't close at all, in fact I don't even speak with him, but that's a whole other story. MH and his brother are 7 years apart and are very close.

    I don't think a certain age difference means the siblings will be great friends. That said, if we have another I want them to be 2-3 years apart.

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  • I was an only child until my parents adopted three baby boys.  I am 17, 16, and 15 years older than them.  Needless to say, they were way more my "practice kids" than brothers (and I love them SO much!).  My Dh has a brother who is 5 years older, and a sister who is just under two years younger, and he's not close to either of them.

    So I agree with PP that age doesn't necessarily mean one thing or another for sibling relationships.  But I'm hoping to wait till my DS is close to three before trying again :)


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  • The difference between my DD and DS is 5 years, 2 months and so far its great!  At least at this stage, DD loves to help with her little brother, is old enough to understand having a "baby" around, but is young enough that its still all very exciting.  Now, time will tell how close they are as they age, but so far so good.  That being said, if you are heart set of having a certain # of children within a specific timeframe, I wouldn't let your starter home stop you.  Kids are so easily adaptable, and frankly I think most Americans have far too much "space" and "stuff" than we really need.  We live in a small-ish 2.5 bedroom condo.  the .5 is my ds's nursery.  Its just the right size for his crib, a glider, a dresser/changing table and a small book shelf.  You make do!  If we only had a 2 bed, I still would've wanted to move forward with having another baby.  Your LO can share your room for a year +, and even then could easily transition into sharing a room with big bro/sis.  My point is, family is something you can't put a price on, and I wouldn't let your "stuff" determine your future happiness. 

  • I personally think all babies should be born 9 months apart. Duggar style.

    I kid. I'm diggin this two year business. My brothers and I are two years apart and my kids are two years. It works for us. Unless I have twins, which I'm kind of rooting for, trips would be sweet too, but I won't be greedy. If I get twins, maybe a little bigger stretch would be nice.
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  • Our babies will be as close as we can get them... But we have to save up enough money to cover our next infertility treatment before trying again... And seeing as I'm not working now and we have big hospital bills from my stay and LOs NICU stay... It may be a while. Hopefully they won't be any more than 3 years apart though.
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  • I think as long as you finish having kids before you have grandkids you're ok. LOL

    I have half siblings that I don't really consider siblings because they are way older. My dad had his first kid when he was 19 and I was born when he was 51. I have nieces and nephews older then me.


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  • Our boys are just over 19 months apart and I think it worked out pretty well. Like a PP said, no having to potty train and then revert back to diapers because the older child gets jealous

    My brother and I are almost 2 years apart, his bday being 2 weeks before mine, and he and I are super close. I like the idea of my older DS not remembering a time when they didn't have a sibling. However, if we do think of a #3 we won't TTC until both boys are in school. I know that we are very lucky that we were able to have our kids so close together.

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  • My older DDs are 3 years apart and it worked great.  They were still close and did a lot of things together.

    My younger DDs are 19 months apart and I like it too. I think these two will be closer as they will share a room and be in the same age range for after school activities.

    For both sets we planned for them to be the age differences they are.

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  • image teresamartini11:
    I think as long as you finish having kids before you have grandkids you're ok. LOLI have half siblings that I don't really consider siblings because they are way older. My dad had his first kid when he was 19 and I was born when he was 51. I have nieces and nephews older then me.

    I have a similar situation..
    My dad had me at 23.. Then had his last at 42..
    My youngest brother became an uncle, from another one of my brothers, when he was one.. He is an uncle twice now at 5 years old..

    DD- 11/25/12

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