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hi i am a ftm and am 39 wks my ob is doing an induction using cervadil on tuesday at 4pm i have been reading some posts on this and am a little worried as i wld prefer not to have a c section. Atm my cervix is is still up and sitting back and is closed can anyone tell me thier experiences with cervadi please

Re: cervidil induction

  • Is there a reason they're not waiting a bit longer before going the induction route?

    My bff had a very successful induction a few months ago.  She was dilated a bit already, having contractions but nothing regular and cervix was a bit soft but not enough.  The cervidil was enough to put her into strong labor.  She ended up getting a little pitocin, but I think she was pretty ready to go into labor on her own within the next few days had they waited so maybe that's why it was so successful for her.  She did say it was horribly painful, but I don't think most people find the cervidil portion of an induction to be the painful part. 

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  • It did not work for me (neither did cytotek or pitocin for that matter), but I've read posts on here about women who went right into labor with it. I ended up with a c/s.
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  • induction due to gestational diabetes and also bub is small i would much prefer to wait but ob ssys it needs to be done and i am quite scared after reading that a lot of woman had to have c section
  • i seen a lot of posts about it ending with a c setion. was baby engaged when they started induction for you?
  • DS was -3 when I was induced with cervadil at 8 pm, my water broke on it's on at 5 am (4 cm, 100% effaced, DS at station 0), I was 12 cm and ready to push about noon that day, and DS was born at 443 pm.  So I had a good experience, I never needed pitocin.  
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  • image FTM:
    induction due to gestational diabetes and also bub is small i would much prefer to wait but ob ssys it needs to be done and i am quite scared after reading that a lot of woman had to have c section

    A lot of the time, an induction will end in a c-section if your body is not truly ready to give birth. What you said about your cervix, it doesn't sound like you are, but you may have a successful vaginal delivery--- it's one of those things that you don't know until you're in the situation.

    You shouldn't do anything that you don't feel comfortable doing. 

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  • My cervical induction was a very long process but I did NOT end up with a c section.  I had GD and the doc wanted to induce at 39 weeks.  Because the baby was not measuring big and my numbers were controlled i talked her into letting me go to 40 weeks.  We went in on a Sunday night.  They inserted the cervidil and said it was something like 5 or 6 hours before they could check to see if any progress.  I was maybe 1 cm when we went in.  When they checked early morning I had made zero progress so they inserted another and the waiting game started over.  They ended up doing this 3 or 4 times.  About 24 hours in I started feeling contractions and they started getting pretty unpleasant quickly but I still was not making much progress.  After a few hours of hard laboring I got an epideral even though I was not that much dilated.  I was able to sleep a bit and I progressed during that time.  Late Tuesday morning I was complete.  I pushed for 3 hours and delivered 41 hours after going in.  I am told this is very unusual and that it was because of my docs patience (and that the baby and I were doing well) that I did not end up with a section.  I will probably be induced again but ths time at 39 weeks since the baby is measuring bigger.  I tell people not to induce just because they are tired of being pregnant or for some other minor reason.  It's not an easy process BUT if you need it you need it.  My doc all but assures me the odds of it being as rough this time is very slim.


    *at some point they started pitocin but I don't recall when.  I think Monday night. 

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  • Thankyou for the replies i am hoping things go well with it all
  • Wow, how was the user name "FTM" not taken yet?! Haha.
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  • The chance of CS definitely goes up with induction, but there is still a good chance of a vaginal delivery. My SIL was induced due to GD/bp/signs of possible pre-e. She started with cervidil and they moved onto pitocin. She ended up with a vaginal delivery. She did have a CS with baby #2 (induced again for high bp), but that had more to do with her hemorrhaging a lot than it did with the induction. Good luck!
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  • I had a cervidil induction followed by pitocin. I wasn't dilated at all and only 36 weeks so clearly my body wasn't ready.

    I had a long labor but no complications and delivered vaginally. Not all inductions turn out to be nightmares.


  • I haven't had it personally, but I know that cervidil is used during an induction to prep your cervix. This basically means that it will make it softer and more open (ripen it). I would be most alarmed if your OB went to use pitocin (another drug used to increase contractions) without first ripening your cervix. Inducing this way oftentimes leads to c-sections due to failure to progress or prolonged labor.

    Usually cervadil won't really induce labor, just ripen the cervix. For some women, it does lead to labor. It all just depends on your body.



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  • I was given cervadil.  I was having contractions 2min apart and my water had already broken when they gave me cervadil.  It didn't help ended in a csection due to fetal distress.
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  • I was induced with cervidil. When I went in, I was 2 cm, 75% effaced. For me, the cervidil finished effacing me. At that point, the doctor gave me an epi since my contractions were pretty bad at that stage. After the epi kicked in, I didn't feel any more pain through the entire delivery. I was give pitocin to keep the contractions even and escalating. My labor, from the insertion of the cervidil to pushing him out was 21 hours.
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  • I had Cervidil placed for 12 hours, at 1cm and barely effaced. 12 hours later, nothing had changed. I did end up going into labor later that day, though, after getting my membranes swept!

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  • I was induced at 41w with it. They basically break it into 4 doses to ripen your cervix. About 20 mon after the first dose I was in full blown Labor. They said they had never seen that happen with a FTM and that likely I was going to go into labor in my own anyway. I had a successful vaginal delivery, I did stall out after an epidural but pitocin and 2.5 hour of pushing did the Job. Personally, I will wait until 42+ weeks before an induction this time if need be.

    eta: I was 1 cm when I went in for the induction. 


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  • My first induction started with cervadil and pitocin. I went in barely dilated to 1cm and about 50% effaced. My daughter was at about -3 station. The cervadil didn't do much to progress my cervix and I was so scared the whole time that I was going to end in a section but my OB kept assuring me that he wouldn't do one unless absolutely necessary. The pitocin made my contractions really strong and I ended up with an epi at only 3 cm. They broke my water at one point and that didn't help things either. Finally things started progressing at about hour 10 and it started progressing quickly. I went from 3cm to 8cm in about 45 minutes. 20 minutes of pushing after I hit 10cm and she was out. Total, my labour was 13 hours. I'm being induced with this one as well (Go in tomorrow morning at 5am) and I expect the same procedure but I highly doubt it will take as long since this is my 2nd child.
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