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Shopping for LO

So yesterday I dragged DH to the mall because I wanted to buy baby clothes and make use of the big sales (70%), but I think i might have overdone it just a little bit lol. Also, after buying all these stuff I am so confused, my friends told me not to buy newborn clothes because baby might be too big, so I bought mainly from 3 months to 12 months. But, what about when he is born?? What size do I buy? Do I have to wait until after he is born and then get him what he needs (which I don't see to be practical at all)??

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Re: Shopping for LO

  • You'll get so many newborn clothes as gifts, you'll probably be very well stocked even if you don't buy anything for that stage. I'd say wait until you get closer and then, if you really feel like you don't have enough, buy some outfits and leave the tags on so you can return them if you have a large baby.
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  • Oh thank you that is a great advice. IT didn't even occur to me to keep the tags on :D. I was just scared because I am not having a baby shower and I don't want people visiting before the baby is 1 month old.

    Thank you ;) 


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  • DS was 8lbs and change when he was born.  He barely fit into the NB clothes and was onto the next size within a week.  I would buy maybe two or three cheap NB outfits and if you need more send DH out to get some.  Its not the end of the world if a sleeper or onesie is a little roomy.
  • Have a few NB sizes on hand and if you don't use them just save them for next time or return them.
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  • My DD was 7 lbs 4 oz at birth and wore NB clothes for about 4 weeks. But could wear 03 comfortably after 3 weeks, before that she swam in them! I think I had about 7 or 8 NB sleepers which was just about the right amount.


  • My daughter was 7lbs 11 oz, so she only wore new born clothes for a week.  She was also three weeks early due to pre-e.  I am not buying any newborn clothes, all 0-3.  This baby should stay in my belly longer and therefore be bigger, I might end up with a ten pounder like my husband was when he was born.
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  • I wil probably buy a few new born things just in case. Especially I going home outfit because I want to pick it out. Otherwise I will see what I get at my showers.
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  • I might buy a pack or two newborn onesies. I know you can get plain white ones in 3 pks or 5 pks for pretty cheap. So it's no biggie if you don't get any use out of them and don't have time to return
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  • glad I read this I was clueless too
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  • I would buy some newborn sizes, especially if you are not having a shower. I would also bring newborn and 3 month size options to the hospital because you never know how little/big they will be. My DS was 6 pounds even, so even newborn clothes were to big!
  • You can bring one newborn sized outfit and one 0 to 3 month sized outfit to the hospital with you.

    DD was 7lbs 4oz at birth but tall. She grew out of sizes in length long before weight. So there's that to consider.

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  • I'm not going to buy a lot of newborn stuff, just cause it only goes up to 8lbs. My hubby and I were both 8+ lb babies. I'm 5'7 and he's 6'4, so I'm half expecting baby girl to be a big girl! But I did register for some newborn stuff, have bought a couple outfits, and I'm sure ppl will buy what they want for my showers. I guess we'll play it by ear on how big she's measuring!

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