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Who uses a Rock n Play for LO to sleep in?

DS loves his rock n play. We tried the arms reach cosleeper for a few days and he barely slept. He sleeps for good stretches in the RNP. Question is, is it safe to sleep in overnight? I still want to try with the cosleeper again, but for now this is working. 

Re: Who uses a Rock n Play for LO to sleep in?

  • DS sleeps in his RnP. It's set up right next to me. I try to get a good stretch with him in it, but he always ends up in bed with me.
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  • DD is 5 weeks old, and even though we have a beautiful handmade cradle set up only feet away from my bed, she sleeps in her rnp at night right next to my side of the bed.  She sleeps better in the rnp, and I sleep better with her in it.  We don't sleep with her in the bed, DH is too sound a sleeper for me to be comfortable with that, so having her within arms reach helps my piece of mind a lot.  My advice, do what works, the only way it would be unsafe, is if he is old enough to be sitting up on his own and able to throw his body weight around to move it.  If you still need piece of mind, talk to your pediatrician, but chances are they will tell you the same thing.  I hope this helps.  :)
  • DD is only 2 weeks old, but we use it all night. My niece is 2 months and they have been using theirs all night also.

    DD likes it well enough, she still only sleeps for 3 hour stretches.. maybe 4. We will stop when she gets a little more mobile and can roll around.


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  • DS is 7 weeks and sleeps in his RnP right next to me at night. He loves it, he sleeps anywhere from 6-8 hours at night! I'm planning on keeping him in it until he starts moving his body around (i.e. rolling over, sitting up etc.). Do what's best for you!
  • W is almost 11 weeks and the RnP is the only thing he likes to sleep in besides the swing. Hope he will change his mind about the crib soon!
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  • DS slept in his RnP from 2 weeks to 5 weeks. I was terrified he might fall out at first and used to insist that DH and I take shifts to watch him while he sleeps there, but after observing for a week, he never came close to falling out. Whenever he started sliding a little too low he would start whining and we would know to move him.

    Now he's 6 weeks and occassionally still sleeping in it overnight but he seems to be outgrowing it and now prefers his cosleeper. 

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  • Yep it's safe. LO has been sleeping in his since day one and we haven't had any problems. We recently moved it out of our room and into the nursery to help me with his transition into the crib. 

    PP - how could your lo fall out?? Aren't you buckling him/her in?! 

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  • LO has slept overnight in her RNP since she came home. It was next to my bed for about a month. Now its in her own room and she sleeps in it there. LO has acid reflux and it helps keep her proped up and she sleeps great in it.
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  • We have rock and plays for our twins.  They are great for your LO's when they have acid reflux and when they are congested to prop their heads up.  Just remember to alternate from their rock and plays to something else when they are sleeping to keep their heads from going flat. 
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  • DS1 used a pack n play, and slept great in that. We moved him to his crib and 3.5 months. DS2 wasn't doing well in the pnp, so I went out a bought a rnp this week, and he sleeps so so much better in it. DS2 has a lot of gas, something DS1 didn't have a problem with, so I think that's why DS2 didn't do as well with a pnp.
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  • My daughter was also doing poorly sleeping in the co-sleeper. Around 3 weeks she started sleeping in the rnp. It worked much better and after about 3 weeks sleeping there I moved her back to the co-sleeper and its working much better there now. I didnt want her to get too used to the rnp because I didnt want the transition back to the co-sleeper or the crib to be too difficult.
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  • Thanks or the feedback. Feel much better about it now :) 

  • Dd is 12 weeks and has been sleeping in hers from day 1. She sleeps 12 hours nursing just once most nights, though sometimes its twice. I have no plans to mess that up! A friend said her dd slept in it until she started trying to sit up around 5 months.

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