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Anyone know when it's okay to start exercising again?  I'm 3 weeks PP and went to an exercise class yesterday.  It felt sooo good to get out and exercise, but my pelvis feels a little off today, and I'm wondering if maybe I overdid it.  I had an episiotomy and a 4th degree tear, so maybe I'm not 100% healed.  Ugh, I'm so ready to have stuff back to normal down there and to tighten up this flabby tummy!
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Re: Exercise

  • My doctor said 6 weeks, and I only had a 2nd degree tear. Actually, he said to wait until after my 6 week pp followup appointment, and that's when he gave me the ok to work out. I would wait a little longer if you could, and maybe just do light things like walking, and then if you feel up to it, stairs, etc.
  • I had a 3rd degree tear and was told not to exercise or even do more than very light housework until I was cleared at my 6 week pp appointment. 
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  • My OB said I could start walking now, but nothing else till I'm six weeks. I'm still finding it really easy to misalign my pelvis from everyday housekeeping and walking around too long while wearing the baby.
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  • I got the okay for light walking before we left the hospital but had to hold off on running until after my 6 wk appt.
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  • My OB did not want me do much of anything until after 6 weeks. At my 3 week appointment I was told that I could do light housework and walking. I was told to wait until after 6 weeks for anything else though.
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  • Your body is going to feel a little funny for months but I think the exercise would help it recover faster. Just go easy on squats, etc. anything that might tug at your torn areas. Otherwise, especially if you were exercising regularly up until delivery, go for it!

    I wish I had the time & help to be able to get back to them but its not happening yet sadly. Thank heavens we have a Kinect & some workout games or I'd go crazy 

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  • I had no tearing, no complications and was still told 6 weeks. Was just cleared today.

    I'm not always the most compliant person in the world, but I still took it easy because it is important to not hemorrhage. That one made some sense.

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