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Seriously! TMI

This whole pregnancy one of my biggest complaints has been constipation. Today I have had 4 bowel movements! 4!!! WTH? Any of you experience this?


Re: Seriously! TMI

  • It hasnt been my complaint the whole time but I can definitely say that happens to me. I guess its all up to the mood your bodys in. I eat pretty much the same stuff but its always different how my body reacts. I feel like it goes through short phases. Who knows maybe your bodys getting your ready for birth ;)
  • Same here!! I almost posted about it but got too bashful not my favorite topic. But I've been struggling with constipation this entire pregnancy. Since last night I've had several productive bowel movements...I've never been so excited about poop! .
  • I haven't been constipated really, but lately I've had so many bowel movements it's crazy.


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  • I'm like PP, my body seems to go through phases.  I don't alter the way I eat, but one week I'll feel all constipated, and then the next week, I'll have bad diarrhea (tmi).  Just depends on whatever my body decides it wants to do.  I can definitely say that on the non-constipated weeks, 4 in a day isn't outside of my norm.  But then again I also deal with IBS so, *shrug*, my body really does its own thing.
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