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Valentine's Day Plans

Since the board is a little slow, Do you have any plans for valentines day ? Are you also buying/getting a present and what ??? Im in desperate ideas...

Re: Valentine's Day Plans

  • No big plans.  We don't usually do gifts.  DD and I are going to take DH to lunch.  For dinner I usually try to make something special and chocolate fondue for dessert.  We are hosting a Valentine's play date the week before and will do a craft and decorate cookies.  
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  • Depending on what night DH has off and if we can get a babysitter, we talked about going to see the latest Die Hard movie.
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  • We will celebrate on the 16th. We have a babysitter from 4-7 so we can to out to dinner, then will be home by bedtime. I think we'll rent a movie. The chocolate fondue sounds good. that is also 6 weeks after my d&c, so I am looking forward to some hanky panky :-)

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  • I have a doctor appt that evening so DH will be watching DS.  And DH has to work that night so no plans.  Maybe since I have my appt I can get him to cook me dinner?
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  • We've had dessert fondue as a tradition for the past few years. :) I wish we could go out for dinner together, but we don't have a babysitter.

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  • We usually don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. We usually just get each other a card. We do have a gift card for our favorite restaurant that we go to for special occasions (and a standing offer from the grandparents to babysit), so perhaps we'll go out for dinner the weekend before or after to celebrate.

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  • We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day, but since we are living with my mom until we can find a house and since we haven't had a date night since DD was born, we may go see the new Nicholas Sparks movie, Safe Haven.  I read all of his books, but DH isn't interested in the movies.  I'm thinking I can twist his arm and use Valentine's Day as an excuse Wink  DH works nights so we would have to go the weekend after.
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  • Nope, we don't do presents. I get flowers and chocolates. I usually don't give him anything, but just attempt a nice dinner at home or go out for dinner before Liv. Since the baby, it's very minimal.

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  • Nothing planned here. DH said he already got me cards and a gift. My b-day is the 18th so the two days usually tend to get combined which has always pissed me off. I really hate getting leftover V-day stuff for my b-day.  DD and I are going to make DH valentines this weekend and I am hoping to make valentines cookies also.
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