XP: When can I vacuum?

The title pretty much says it all. At discharge from the hospital they specifically told me no vacuuming and I forgot to ask at my 2 weeks PP check if this was ok. 

So is it ok, definitely a no still, something I should call Dr about? TIA!  

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Re: XP: When can I vacuum?

  • I think most light lifting, housework, carrying the carseat, etc. is ok after 2 weeks if you're feeling ok.  I would just go easy and stop if you're feeling any pains or cramps.
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  • As long as you feel up to it I think you are fine. I wouldn't lift the vacuum but you should be fine to use it.  I was never told not to vacuum. Around 1 week PP DS1 spilled sand from a school craft in my living room. DH was at work so I vacuumed without giving it a second thought. I did fine and we have a Kriby. They are very heavy.

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  • I would wait more than 2 weeks.  With my section I was limiting house work like vacuuming for at least 6 weeks.  I was terrified of messing up my incision and also thought my husband can handle the house work while I heal up completely.  Why push it?  If you have someone to help you, let them!
  • Haha I am SO not letting my hubby read this post!  He has been AMAZING with doing everything since I got home.  All I have been doing is resting and taking care of DD.  He has cooked dinner every single night, cleaned the house, even given DS his baths!  I gave DD her first bath myself today (but I think only because DH would've been terrified to do it alone.. and let's face it.. it's not THAT strenuous or difficult, right??)
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