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Bed Rest Sucks(vent)

I'm 22 weeks preggo and have been on bedrest now for about a week. I found out last week that my cervix has funnelled out all but 1cm. My boyfriend works 80 hours a week on the oil rig in Wymoing then has to come home and help me. I have a three year old little girl and I feel so bad not being able to cook n clean for him when he does come home. He is so supportive but I know he is frustrated. This is his first child and he has so many worries.

I just really think this bed rest thing stinks but if I can make it atleast to 36 weeks I will be so thankful. Thanks for reading.

Re: Bed Rest Sucks(vent)

  • I agree. Bed rest does suck! I am 28 weeks and am on hospital bed rest due to a very short cervix and a bulging water bag. I'm hoping to make it to at least 32 weeks. That's still early, but much better than 28! So I definitely feel your pain.
  • I feel the exact same way my husband works about 68 hrs a week since I can't work. I feel so bad I can't clean, cook or do anything for him. I'm 28 week today and I'm hoping to make it to 34 weeks atleast. He says it's ok but I know it can be stress full and tiring at times. I also have my 2 children who help ages 8 and 6. So I'm not totally alone. I hope you feel better about about the whole situation. ;)
  • Omg! I know how you feel! I had a bad day yesterday and cried most of the afternoon/evening. I'm just as frustrated not being able to do anything. My husband says its fine but I, too, can sense frustration. Can you imagine going from being the bread winner to also having to be the cook, house cleaner, baby sitter, etc? I know it's hard for them. I'm 20 weeks and I had to have a cerclage put in due to shortened cervix and funneling. Is that your experience?
  •  I lost a baby girl last year April due to incompetent cervix and short cervix at 22 weeks. My new doc is taking no chances after I told him how devastated I was. I got the cerclarge at 10 weeks because I was already shortening. Nearly nothing to stitch. The original plan was to be off bedrest after 2 week, but after good results with bedrest he continued to recommend bedrest. I'll probably be spending the entire pregnancy in bed. It's been 17 weeks on bedrest now. 13 more to go. Not fun at all. But my experience is pretty extreme. I'm glad you guys doctors caught it early and on time. I'll be praying for you and all the other moms anyway. I wish you all healthy full term babies.   
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  • No cerclage for my but funneling cervix yes. When they first measured my cervix it was only 0.9cms and now 4 weeks later after progesterone it is measuring at 2.2 cms so things are looking up. Just not very fast hopefully I will be off bed rest next week.
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