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My 12 month old not eating

Hello, I need some input...

My 12 month old daughter does not want to eat...She'd always been such a good eater, eating all her veggies, got excited when I gave her cauliflowers, etc... She has food allergies, so I have to carefully plan her meals.

In the last few weeks she started refusing foods she previously liked and only wanted to eat snacks (she was pointing at her snacks) such as fruit/veggie pouches. Then starting a few days ago she did not even want her favorite snack foods anymore.She is not sick, but she is teething.

She still gets 2 bottles (with her hypoallergenic formula) and coconut milk during the day, but that's pretty much all she wants. And a few pcs of graham crackers or Kix (only dry foods).

Is this normal??I'm a FTM so I'm a bit worried. We'll see her pedi on Monday, but I thought I'd ask all of you...TIA.


Re: My 12 month old not eating

  • We went through this with DD for a few months. For her it was because of the teething. She would only eat crunchy things she could feed herself. She was doing two bottles as day and dropped down to 1 bottle at night at 15 months. When we dropped the morning bottle she did start to eat more real food but it was very hit or miss.
    It is frustrating and tiring. Teething sucks, especially the molars.
  • We are dealing with this same issue with my 13 month old right now. He is getting in his molars and will only eat crunchy things. Some days he will only eat crackers and maybe a cube of cheese. It is starting to get better now that his teeth are further in. I wouldn't worry too much, it will get better soon!
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  • I didn't realize, that the molars come in so soon...thanks!

    I feel a little better. 

  • Everytime DD is teething she gets very picky on what she wants to eat.  Mostly its soft foods, so she will eat pasta and smoothies or the fruit/veggie pouches.  It stinks but after they pop through, she is back to normal.  Molars are the worst!!!
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  • I've found that eating goes in fits and spurts.  Sometimes they eat like bottomless pits, and other times they don't eat much at all.  Sometimes they down cauliflower like it's candy, other times they hate cauliflower.  Really, it seems like it's just phases they pass in and out of - although both teething and illness seem to complicate the eating situation.
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