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Prodromal labor, if you have BTDT I have a question.

I know no one knows, but I am just curious to get a feel of how things were for others. I have been having contractions every 5 or so minutes for 24 hours now. It feels like I need to go to the bathroom but I don't. I feel nausaited too. They do not get longer or stronger, they stay the same so I am pretty sure it is not real labor. My doc said they don't do anything at 36 weeks to stop things, so just come in if it turns into real labor. They are not painless. They feel like really bad menstrual cramps. I can walk and talk through them, but they woke me up many times last night. I would eventually fall asleep again, but I am pretty sure I had them the entire night as well. I read prodromal labor can last day if not weeks. I wouldn't mind holding off a few days to get closer to 37 weeks, but I don't know if I can do weeks of this. Sick, crampy, horrible sleep. Did any of you expeirence something like this for weeks, or do you think since it is a little harder (i.e. strong enough to interfere with sleep making me feel sick) that it is more indicitive of a shorter lenght.I have been having menstural like contractions starting in my bak moving forward for awhile now, but not regualar like this. Also I do the things to get them to stop, lay down drink water etc, and they do not.  Again I know that no one can tell me, but I will take ancedotes at this point, if anything just to see what others did. Thanks!
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Re: Prodromal labor, if you have BTDT I have a question.

  • I have been having the same issue as well. Mine just started this weekend and all it did was kick me into gear to get things ready. I have talked to my MW and she said it can mean she is getting ready and may make for an easy labor. It can also mean nothing and you can go to your due date. Mine have lasted this whole week. Same with you, there are times I just have to breathe to get through them. I could walk or talk with no issue, it's just easy to stop breathe and work it out. I have yet to have an internal. I am actually pretty excited and hope they do one next week to see where I am at.
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  • Yea, this stinks. Timeable contractions that never increase or get closer together. It keeps giving me hope. I just try and ignore them now, unless they're waking me up. Pretty exhausted. It's been going on for weeks for me now.

     Good luck. Hopefully it doesn't last as long for you as it has for me.

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  • I had prodromal labor for 3 1/2 weeks, right up until 3 days before I got induced at 40w6d. It sucks, I know, but if you can still walk and talk, just try to ignore them.
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  • I experienced the same thing for nearly a month with #2.  It was just a week or so with #3.  It's been going on for a week now with this one.

    But with every one, I could tell when the contractions were the real thing, because there was a difference, despite the fact that the prodromal labor was still intense and painful.

    Hang in there.  A hot bath seems to help them slow down for me.

  • One of my girlfriends had them with her first- for weeks... possibly a month. (I don't remember now.) She took lots of walks and had a couple unnecessary trips to the hospital (not realizing at the time it was unnecessary) otherwise it was just a long month for her. 
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  • I had this for a week when I was 39 weeks. I went to the hospital to get checked the first time, and I was 2cm so they sent me home to wait it out and they told me they would not be surprised if I was back in the morning. Well that was a week ago now, and I am overdue three days. The contractions stopped two days ago and since then, I had my cervix checked at my 40 week appointment and was "nearly 3 cm". I think the contractions did do some work to dilate me a little bit, but I am now just hoping I start laboring soon. Because of the prodromal labor, I missed out on a week of my already brief maternity leave. It can go on for a while, but for me at least it stopped. At this point I would rather have no symptoms than a tease, especially since it made it pretty impossible to sleep at first. My doctor won't induce until 41 weeks and 1 day, so who knows what could happen between now and Wednesday. 

  • I've had this for almost a month, and it's miserable.  Not only is it physical pain, but it's mental torture too because you don't know what's happening.  I was on edge for the first 2 weeks of this.  Now it's just no big deal and I assume it's not labor.  If it takes my breath away, that's when I'll call.  Having that mindset has helped me relax and be able to just deal with the pregnancy more effectively. 

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  • I was fortunate, and only had these for 4 days before I delivered, but it felt like an eternity, so I feel for you other ladies that suffered so much longer!  they were awful, but like a PP noted, you will definitely know the difference when it is really the real thing.  Everyone is different, but I could most definitely not talk or walk during my contractions. 
  • Thanks for all the replies! Funny story, I decided since resting wasn't making them stop I would go for a walk and see if I could at least turn them into something. So I walked for an hour, contracting at about the same pace and pain level the entire time. Walked through the door, sat down, and they stopped completely! So very strange day and a half, in which walking stopped my prodromal labor. This baby is going to confuse me right up till the end :)
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