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A Little Jealous of Your Cervical Checks

My MWs' office doesn't do checks unless we request them, and even then I feel like they would look at me a little sideways if I requested one and I completely understand why, but I have to admit I am a little jealous because I am super nosy and would like to know, even though I know it doesn't mean anything (wow, that was a very long sentence, sorry!).  I have been having a lot of contractions the last two days and terrible menstrual cramps constantly so I was wondering if I am progressing at all...I have it in my head that this LO is going to be late... 

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Re: A Little Jealous of Your Cervical Checks

  • If you want to know, request one. I'm sure you won't be the first.


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  • I'd just ask :) I'm curious too, I asked last week, and my OB was perfectly fine checking. I think as long as we understand it doesn't really mean anything and our membranes are in tact, I understand the risk is pretty negligible. 
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  • I'm right there with you JessicaGilmore, I get my first check on Monday and I'm actually looking forward to it - partly out of curiosity as to what's going on down there and partly because I love the idea of getting a 1-2 cm head start going into labor.
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  • I just had my 3rd one this morning and I am STILL 1cm and about 75% effaced. I was really hoping to be a little bit further along since this is the third week with no change but it is what it is. Knowing isn't all that it is cracked up to be either because you just get disappointed when they tell you no change.


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  • My Dr. offered on Tuesday and it got my curiosity up so I said sure. I was not quite at 1 cm and about 50%. However I will now say NEVER AGAIN unless required, I seriously felt like she was trying to check my tonsils from the wrong end, lol. I told DH I see how curiosity killed the cat now. Maybe I'm just a baby, but to each his own, ask if you really want to know.

  • If you want one, ask for one! They truly don't mean anything. My 37w one said I was almost 3cm and 75% effaced. My initial reaction was to get excited thinking the end is near, but that is a dangerous game since I could still just as well go to my due date.
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  • I know exactly where your coming from, my MWs don't start until 38 weeks, but if I ask they would do one, I just don't want to ask and get the look haha, I too am just curious though. I want to know what's going on inside my body. But I'm just going to be patient and wait till my 38 weeks I think.
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  • ive only had 1, it wasnt painful but id much rather not have them... they dont really tell you anything... my cousins wifes cervix was closed and 3 days later her water broke and she gave birth... my sister was 2-3cm dilated for weeks and had 2 planned c-sections... 

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  • Thanks ladies, after listening to your responses I decided not to request it, which was good because I really never even got the opportunity to ask for one!
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  • I am curious just like you, but after some serious contractions, cramping, etc. all week and a painful cervical check today with ZERO progress.... let me just tell you that sometimes it's better off not knowing :/

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