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Up in the Middle of the Night

Ugh.  Lots of congestion tonight, plus my husband set the temperature on the space heater in our bedroom at 75 degrees.  I woke up sweating and couldn't figure out why until I got up to get a drink and use the restroom.  Good grief man, do you not remember I am nine months pregnant?

As much as I hate being up at night (because it means I will either be tired later in the day or I will have to sleep in and lose valuable errand-running time), I enjoy the quiet and alone time.  I know it won't be long until that is a thing of the past!



Re: Up in the Middle of the Night

  • I was up too from about 4-5.  I was lying there just trying to will myself back to sleep, which apparently happened and I was so out of it that I didn't hear my DD crying an hour later.
  • I must have missed you all! I was up too, but like you says its nice for the quiet time, and it prevents me from doing too much in fear of waking everyone else. I make lists and look on pinterest
  • I dealt with this for a while, except I was up for hours and couldn't do anything to back to bed. But hey, I caught up on Parenthood. I heard it was good and it has been.
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