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S/O's reaction too funny

So this morning I had an appointment with a different doctor. I really liked this one because she asked more questions and I didn't feel like she was trying to push me out of the office immediately when she arrived. Well I had asked her about breast leakage, my right breast hadn't been leaking at all and it was bothering me because my left one leaked somewhat. So she asked if my doctor had discussed anything about breast and breastfeeding with me and had checked me. I had said no, so she had me show them to her and she caused them to leak. This was in front of S/O, he looked sooo creeped out by this hahaha just his facial expression sent me into histerics. Sorry for the detail I just had to share. Anything shock your DH's that made you laugh?

Re: S/O's reaction too funny

  • This is a little tmi but at my first doctor appointment for this pregnancy my doctor did a Pap smear and as she is fully inspecting my downstairs with my legs in stirrups my fiance is staring in horror and then she begins to tell me just how much she loves her job. While I appreciate that she is enthusiastic about her job I'd rather her not express it while she's wrist deep in my lady bits! Lol
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  • At my first OB appointment for this pregnancy, I had to have a pap done.  DH was more than a little horrified at the speculum being placed inside me!

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  • My husband is a big football guy who says that when he was younger (before I knew him) he was never squeamish about anything. When I started talking to him about the c-section and how it goes (we're having a scheduled c-section), he started getting freaked out that he was going to faint if he caught a glimpse of the procedure. Then when I mentioned about chord blood banking, his whole body reacted to it in disgust! He had this look on his face like he was going to vomit. It took me by surprise how squeamish he's being! Now he insists that I give him a warning before talking about any of these topics so that he's mentally prepared!
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  • I give you ladies credit who have their S/O in the room during internal exams. I have no issues with FI being there for just regular check ups but nope not the internals. LOL. I do have fun answering his questions about the lady bits and how the doc knows how dialated you are and how and what happens in child birth. (this is his first). Its like teaching a sex ed class to him somedays LOL
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  • My doctor's office has a TV that runs all sorts of things about women's health. Well at one visit they were explaining how to care for yourself after and episiotomy. My DH was sitting there beside me and looked confused. He asked what an episiotomy was and I started to say, "well when you have the baby, so that you don't tear down there sometimes they cut your..." And he started freaking out and actually put his hands over his ear and started doing the "lalalala" thing that kids do when they don't want to hear what you're saying.
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  • In all fairness, I don't think I'd want to watch ANYONE getting an internal, so I totally get why men aren't big fans of it. I give them major props just for being there. lol
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  • MH has been a real trouper.  He stayed in the room when I was getting internals and when I delivered of course.  I think seeing me in so much pain was the worst for him.  He relaxed after I got the epi.

    Me, on the other hand . . . when I was pushing with DS they offered to show me a mirror.  I had read that this can give you more motivation because you can see the progress you make.  Well, they wheeled out this HUGE 6 foot tall, 3 foot wide mirror behind the doctor.  I took one look and told them to get that the thing the heck away from me!  he he he.  I definitely don't want to see all that in such detail.

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  • Nothing so far this pregnancy, but just after our first baby was born, he was watching me attempt to pump some breastmilk for a bottle feeding a little later on. I don't know if it actually shocked him or not, but the look on his face was priceless! He couldn't believe how looooong my nipples got as I pumped. He was fascinated, and I'm pretty sure I started giggling out loud. :)


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