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Update: prayers needed for a may momma

She doesn't post here but she's a regular on BOTB and some of the IF/TTTC boards. She's pg with twins and currently in labor. It's not looking good.

Anything you can spare for a miracle would be appreciated.

Update as of 8am EST:

Labor has slowed, but continues. Baby A is still engaged, but the waters are intact and has not progressed in hours. There is a "very sliver of a spec of hope". Her parents are there with them as well.

Keep all the prayers coming, they seem to be working. She is incredibly thankful for all the love and support

10:15 update:

Baby A is not longer engaged and has moved out of the birth canal, but the bag is bulging. So good news, bad news.
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Re: Update: prayers needed for a may momma

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