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Today is my ultrasounds due date, tomorrow is my conception due date.  I have 1 week to give birth or they will induce me! I want to do it on my own.  Im sure I will but its the added pressure is worrying me a little.  My son came two days after his due date I hope this one will too which would mean that this baby is born on its brothers birthday.  Im so anxious to hold my baby.  Sigh I wish I had some sort of control or just no worries.  I want to avoid induction so bad.

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  • Good luck to you and here's hoping you go into labor on your own.  I know lots of people have induction fears, but i was induced with my first and had a good experience.  And i can still say that after i had to be induced TWICE in order for her to finally make her arrival. (stubborn little girl).  I certainly hope you go on your own, but in the event you have to be induced, try not to be too upset.  Again, for me it was a relatively good experience.   
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  • Good luck to you. My 1DD, my water broke the night before my EDD and still had to be induced. I really hope this one is relatively close with EDD as well. The induction wasn't bad at all!!
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  • It is so hard not to have control. I am up against the clock too. I have to deliver by the 5th (2 days before my due date) or I will be induced due to GD. Both my other babies were over a week late so it doesn't look good for me. Sending labor dust your way!!
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  • Imagine yourself going into labour and don't think too much about the induction. Sometimes, we get what we focus on so maybe you can will yourself to go into labour :)

    Best of luck! 

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  • Why is it bad to be induced?
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  • my body doesn't like the meds and I want to do it all myself ll I'm a control freak with my body. I just want to be natural.  I do not like meds, nor take them.  Pregnancy and labor is not an illness nor a medical situation its a time for a woman to let nature take over and wow themselves with what they can do.  

    Thanks everyone still nothing but hopefully this week.  my appoint is wed 41 weeks so if I don't deliver before then I will reluctantly let her strip my membranes as a last resort before meds  I had natural with my son and he came two days late.  maybe tomorrow...tick tick lol so anxious.

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