If you have an Ergo...

I read the post about wearing your twins and saw that some used 2 Ergos.  All we have now is 1 Baby Bjorn.   If you have 1 or 2 Ergos, do you like them?  Are they comfy?  How old should the baby be to start using them and for how long can you use them (age or weight)?  I thought it would be useful to have an Ergo or 2 too. 

The twins are starting to be awake more, but I also have a 2 yr old and 4 yr old to take care of.  It would be nice to wear both but not sure how realistic that is.  Thanks for any help.

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Re: If you have an Ergo...

  • Ergos are freaking awesome. They're better for you and for baby. I can still wear ds in the ergo. I don't have any experience wearing two at the same time though.
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  • When my guys were newborns, I could put them both in the Moby wrap.  As for my Ergo, I got that when my twins were about 6 months, and I can still use it with them.  I have gone through tons of wraps, slings, carriers, etc and it's by far my favorite.  I have the newborn insert now and I've been using it with Bacon since he came home from the NICU at 3 weeks.
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  • We have Boba 3Gs. They're a lot like the Ergo, but you can use them from newborn on without an insert. I have one for DH and one for myself. They're great. I've also done one in front and one in back for a bit. Technically you're not supposed to back carry with it until 20lbs. My two are 16lbs. It works just fine though. I keep an eye on whoever is in the back and only use it that way in times of desperation for now (both babies demand to be held and I need some support). 
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  • We've loved our Ergo for DD and will definitely use it once these babies arrive. I'm trying to decide whether to get a 2nd Ergo...or maybe branch out to an Onya or Beco or something else.  I also really liked our Moby for the early baby months - and I've seen people do a front & back carry with two of those for twins... If you have any babywearing groups near you, I'd definitely recommend checking them out.  The one in my area is great because you can go & try on various carriers to see what best fits you & your needs. 
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  • We haven't had our twins, but we had the Ergo for DS and LOVE it!!! With the infant insert you can pretty much use it right away. The only reasoni stopped using it to carryDS (at 20 months) was because I got pregnant with the twins. The weight limit is high. It is super comfy to wear. We live in the city, andi have walked around for over an hour straight wearing DS with no discomfort.
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  • I just ordered an ergo this week and I just wanted to mention the amazon price was much better than the price off their website. 
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