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Why am I so HUNGRY?!?!!?

I have barely had an appetite for the past couple months, but today I'm STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if LO is completely dropped, because I can't get enough food. My stomach has been growling all flipping day.

I need to control myself because I want to eat everything in sight!!






Re: Why am I so HUNGRY?!?!!?

  • x2 here.

    The past day or two I have begun to worry baby will come out a gingersnap or a peanut butter cracker. All I do is snack.

    Plus this huge new appetite is weird. Apparently the baby wants only things that I'm not usually interested in, like fig newtons or caesar salad.

    PS - If you have peach ice cream, and you have chocolate sauce, do not combine them, even if it sounds good. It's not.

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  • I know how you feel! For weeks I had no appetite. I ate just to stay alive. Now, I eat a meal and I'm hungry again 1-2 hours later. I seriously just considered making a sandwich, even though I ate a big lunch and will be having supper in about an hour and a half. Ugh.

    Good news is, I didn't gain any weight between my appointment last week and the one today! So now at least I don't feel guilty about eating like a horse! Big Smile

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  • I'm right there with you ladies! I seem to be hungry every 1-2 hours and I cannot get enough dairy products. Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and especially Milk. I've had a big glass of milk with every meal for the past 2 weeks, which is totally weird because before I got pregnant I NEVER wanted milk, it was always gross to me. Luckily, I haven't gained any weight in the past 2 weeks even though I feel like I should be. LO must be getting it all cause they said at his ultrasound he had a nice fat belly lol!
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  • Ive been the same way the last couple of days. My weight gain stopped at 33 weeks, but now with this huge new appetite im afraid i'll gain 30 pounds in the next two weeks! I am CONSTANTLY snacking, and not on healthy things.
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  • I've been the complete opposite. For the most of my pregnancy I have been uncontrollably hungry, finishing everyone else's meals too!! But now I haven't really felt like chowing down. Just fruits and veggies as snacks has been enough, I'm worried LO won't be gaining enough weight!!
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  • Me, too! I also wonder if the baby has dropped, but I can't tell visually, so who knows?
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    PS - If you have peach ice cream, and you have chocolate sauce, do not combine them, even if it sounds good. It's not.


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