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2month shots??

Did your babies loose their appetit after their shots. Elliott has not insisted her 4oz since she got her shots yesterday morning. 




Re: 2month shots??

  • He didn't the day of, but the following 2 days he wasn't eating as much or as often.  He was fine and he's back to normal now.
  • our little one just wanted to nurse and nurse. I don't think she was doing it for food but rater comfort. hope your little one starts taking in more food of you!


    Watching them got those shots made me so sad!



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  • I was just saying this in the thread above this one - but yeah, my DS seemed slightly hungry but wouldn't suckle.  I chalked it up to the fever (though the no appetite came before the fever).  Once he had some meds, he was just fine :)


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