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NTTGPR: The Package Tour

Two ~~*~Waiting to O~*~~ Threads were posted at the same time, so I'm turning mine into a thread about the NKOTB, Boyz II Men and 98 degrees tour this summer.


Which of the three bands if your favorite?

What is your favorite member?



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Re: NTTGPR: The Package Tour

  • My favorite is Boyz II Men!  I used to put on dance concerts to their music for my mom and stepdad in my living room to them when I was younger.  Nathan Morris = my favorite member.  That beautiful baritone voice Smile



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  • NKOTB!!!!!!!!!!!


    I wanted to bang Joey so bad when I was younger.

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    Joey, all the way!

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    Joey... but Danny is sexy when he talks during their songs..

    However- my fave Marky Mark relative is Marky Mark's cousin from The Real Housewives of South Boston!

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    Which of the three bands if your favorite? 1st NKOTB &  2nd Boyz II Men

    What is your favorite member? Jordan Knight was always my fave Embarrassed I didn't have a favorite in Boyz II Men.



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  • My favorite was NKOTB and Donny was the one I loved.


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    Jon was my favorite after I stopping caring about peer pressure to think Jordan had to be everyone's favorite.  

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  • NKOTB AND I LOVED JOEY! This song ::swoon::



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  • NKOTB!!!! 

    Donnie is my main man. Here is my favorite picture of him I got at their NKOTBSB show back in 2011 when he ripped his shirt off..... drool!  


  • You said "package" tour Wink  Such beautiful packages, I'm sure!!

    So, I think Boyz II Men is my favorite, although I do love 98 Degrees.  NKOTB was a little before I really got into music, but I still like them (I had an older sister).

    Boyz II Men - Shawn!

    NKOTB - When I was younger, my favorite was Jordan, now it's  Donnie.  I also like Joey.

    98 Degress - NICK LACHEY ALL THE WAY!

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  • Boyz II Men all the way! I am not at all embarrassed to say that they are the only concert I saw last year. I totally danced my tush off!

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  • NKOTB!! I loovveeed Jonathon growing up also Jordan a little
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  • I am apparently incapable of PIP.

    When I was younger, NKOTB was my favorite of the three. Now I would be most excited to see Boyz II Men.

    Joey Mac was for sure my favorite!

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  • NKOTB is a little before my music interest piqued.  I always loved 98 degrees.  I am probably the odd one out with 98 degrees fans, but Drew Lachey was always my favorite.


  • image gonzol:
    98degrees all the way. Though I've never really listened to NKOTB. My favorite member.. Drew. I'll have to come back to pip when I'm not on mobile.

    Our age difference is showing gonzol...knock it off. I am young damnit.


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  • image pas1224:

    You said "package" tour Wink  Such beautiful packages, I'm sure!!

    It is such an appropriate name for the tour really.


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