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I really dislike being a woman sometimes...hair, makeup, shaving, menstrual cycles...ugh!

I about had a heart attack tonight...the ex sent me his weekly child support text. He hasn't seen Ian since the week before Christmas. I get a weekly text regarding cs, but he doesn't ask anything about Ian and doesn't ask to see him. Well, tonight, I got the usual text...and he actually asked about Ian. And asked if he could see him this weekend! I about killed over in shock!!!

For some odd reason I'm watching Jersey Shore. This show makes me want to stab these people. Ok, it may not be JS, but the show with snookie and her fella. Either way, these people are freaks!

Taxes filed...thank God for having this little guy to claim! Now this mama can get some new glasses, pay off my final medical bill, pay off at least one of my credit cards, and part of another. Though the money is "spent" before I even get it, I will feel better once it's here and I can get some things off my back.

We're supposed to get some "wintery mix" tomorrow night. I hope it snows 2 feet! Ok, maybe not literally 2 feet, but more than just a messy mix would be awesome!

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