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Anyone else spotting????

Hi all,

So yesterday afternoon I had my first incident of spotting, end of day when I got home from work.  Not a lot, and brownish in color.  I am 11 weeks, 6 days with my first little peanut.  Didn't have any spotting overnight or any throughout the day today.  I get home again today after work and have a little more, a little less than yesterday.  Called the doc this am and they said I could come in whenever I wanted but because of no cramping, the color, and the amount they said it would be okay to watch it from home too.  Anyone else have the same/similar experience?  Feeling a little anxious as I have had no spotting up to this point.

Thank you, 

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Re: Anyone else spotting????

  • I've had some brown spotting as well. I've heard from the dr it could be from your cervix stretching, especially since its your first baby. Mine as well : just keep an eye on it.
  • I have had light spotting with all my pregnancies with the exception of full on bleeding with my last (previa). One of the pregnancies was very light spotting with NO pain at 15 weeks. It was over a week before I felt it was heavy enough to bother calling the doctor. I found out my baby passed at 12 weeks. It haunts me still I spent so much time in the dark. It is most likely nothing, but you may still want to have it checked out for peace of mind.
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  • I has spotting almost every day between 5 and 8 weeks I went for an is and they found a strong hb and a tightly closed cervix and said that it is completely normal and nothing to worry about unless I start having strong cramps and see lots of red blood. My us tech said it could be anything from the placenta implanting to my cervix stretching to sex and just to relax and not worry about it.
  • lots of us have had spotting and there are many reasons for it. Brown is usually not super concerning as its usually just old blood, but only your doc can give you real answers. If it were me I would want to be seen just to ease my mind instead of just waiting around for something to happen, but thats just me :)

    I know you already called, but I always add that all bleeding/spotting warrants at least a call to the doc 

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  • I just wanted to reply because even though it's been a topic lately, when I had it myself last week, it was good to hear from others.  Yes, I had very light spotting for about 24 hours.  Cramping, too.  The doc said I could come in for an US and I did.  Luckily for me, everything was right on track.  It made me feel a lot better to be seen, and the OB basically said that's what they were there for.  To help us out!  If you feel like you're anxious (I was!) I would call!

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  • I had bright red spotting, and am posting because I couldn't find anyone else who had (and had a happy ending).  I also had some cramping, although I've had that throughout pregnancy so far, and so I was brought in for an U/S.

    Everything was fine!  My doctor says it's very normal in the first trimester.  Good luck! 

  • I've had bright red spotting on and off for about a month. I've even passed a few tiny clots. I've gone to the ER twice everything was fine then I had my first doctor appointment. I told the doctor about the spotting and he did an u/s and everything is fine. He told me I have a small hematoma don't know if that's spelled correctly. But everything with the baby and myself are fine. Me personally I'd have it checked out you can never be too careful
  • I had brown spotting at 10 weeks for almost a week. I went to the doctors and they did an ultrasound and blood work and everything looked good. I still have no idea why I spotted, I didn't have sex, do anything strenuous or have an internal exam but I was happy to hear everything looked good! GL to you! 
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  • Omg. I notices a little bright red spotting this morning. Going to monitor, call doc and go from there. My first u/s is tomorrow and I have a feeling they are gonna say wait... but I am already freaking out. I am 11 weeks. The doc is over an hour away : praying it goes away.
  • I had brown spotting in my first PG and it was a missed MC. I had brown spotting in this PG and everything is perfect.  I personally get spotting checked out, just for piece of mind.  If you're concerned OP, I don't think there's anything wrong with going to the Dr and having them find the HB on a doppler or giving you an U/S...whatever is done in your practice.  

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  • I agree with people to say to go get it checked out.  Although spotting can be completely normal, it's not a bad idea to see your OB, especially if it is making you nervous (if nothing else, you will get some piece of mind).  Good luck!
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  • I had a blighted ovum a couple years ago, and when I miscarried it started out with brown spotting.  So when I had brown spotting last week, I freaked out and went to the doctor twice that week.  Both times he saw two strong heartbeats, so it appears I am just having some spotting this pregnancy.  It can go either way.  For peace of mind, I would recommend going in. 


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  • I haven't had any with this pg but wanted to share my spotting experience.

    With my first pg, I started spotting brown between 9-10 weeks. It continued... forever it seems. I know it was still happening at the big ultrasound, so I wanna say it was week 22 or 23 before it stopped. I *did* get it checked out when it started and that ultrasound was the most reassuring thing ever. Then I just learned to monitor it, it never got worse but was consistent.

    My son will be 12 this summer :-)  He's home with a fever today and so we've gotten some snuggle time. Little do they know how much we worry about them from the very beginning!! 

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  • Posted this morning, had super light spotting in morning. Went in a day before scheduled first u/s appointment. Baby stopped growing 2 weeks ago and found no heartbeat. :
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