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For DS we had him in a bassinet the first 12 weeks. I really don't want to have 2 bassinets in my bedroom so I thought we would put them in Pnp. Today I realized wt limit is 15lbs for bassinet in Pnp which is not going to last very long. My other option is to bring one of the cribs in my room. What are/did you all do? I do not want to use a RnP due to the flat head issues.





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Re: Sleeping arrangements

  • Any flat surface can give your LO flat head. We bedshare, but they nap in pnps or rnps. You can help prevent flat head by positioning LOs head differently or buying a noggin nest for the rnp.
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  • Can't you just put them in the PnP itself (no bassinet)?  We had the Joovy Room2 which does not even come with a bassinet and my boys slept in that some but we did use RnP's most of the time.  I would echo PP and mention that anything can give babies flat heads (including PnP's and cribs) if you don't position their heads different directions each time. 
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  • we ended up having dd sleep in the pnp bassinet and ds in a swing (reflux, colic, fun times) BUT, we bought 2 pnps (for future use for travel and such) so they would have each slept in one...but like pp said, you could put them in the lower level of the pnp or do two arms co-sleepers on each side of the bed. i am a fan of them having their own space (as were they...but some twins like being close to one another). not sure that was helpful at all :0P
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  • We just had them in RnPs in the living room, and whoever was "on" slept on the couch while the other person slept in the bedroom to get some real sleep. (We split the nights, 5 hours on 5 hours off.) As things got easier we moved them into the nursery and the person who was "on" slept in the guest room across the hall, and then we transitioned them to cribs and went back to sleeping in our bedroom together.
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  • Also FWIW my son has always had a perfectly round head, and my daughter had a flat spot for a while that was not improved by moving her to the crib. I don't think the RnPs had anything to do with it, and they were perfect for caring/soothing for two at a time. 
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  • Mine are in RnPs. No flat heads. We're transitioning to cribs this weekend. Well we're going to try at least. They've slept fine in PnPs overnight before so I have hope for moving to a flat surface.
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  • We used two PnP's in our room until 8 weeks when they went to their own cribs.
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  • they shared a pnp until 4mo. They started in the bassinet until the well past exceeded the 15lb weight limit, then moved to the lower portion. I am glad we never did the rnp, though i understand that reflux babies Need it, as a lot of moms on my bmb had a real hard time transitioning to flat surfaces.

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  • We had one of the cribs in our room for twelve weeks or so. Though they ended up sleeping in bouncy chairs due to minor reflux.
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  • We used RnPs for them to sleep in our room the first 2 months home.  No flat head issues-none of my kids had to get helmets.  For naps they would sleep in there bouncy chairs until we started putting them in their cribs for naps too around 4 months.
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  • Ours have slept at night in their RNPs since birth. They nap in their swings right now, but next week are going to transition them to their cribs for naps. As soon as that goes well, hopefully within 2 weeks or so, we'll move them into their cribs for bedtime as well. We have loved the RNPs. Haven't had any flat head issues. And they don't mind sleeping flat either. Hope they transition to their cribs well though!!!  

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  • Mine slept together in the bassinet part of the pack & play for probably 6 months. 
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  • Mine are still very young, but we have them sleeping in one crib in our room for now. We are hoping to get them in their own cribs sharing a room with our older son by around 3 months if they are sleeping better.
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