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32 weeks and dilating.. Anyone else gone through this? I'm scared

I went to the doctor yesterday because I was having some brown discharge. The doctor did an internal exam and found that I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. She wants me to stay off my feet as much as possible (however she did say that sex was ok for now) . I'm really scared that I could go into labor early. Has anyone else been through this? If so can you please share your story about what happened! I'm really scared any advice?

Re: 32 weeks and dilating.. Anyone else gone through this? I'm scared

  • I was almost a two at 32 weeks with my third, I had him at 36 wks 5 day, no bed rest. I was checked after the stomach flu got me contracting. Eventually it stopped, they did not put me on bedrest. I had a three year old and one year old I chased around and my third hung in there. No NICU, and he was healthy. Follow what your doctors say though. My just seemed to be not worried so I never reallly worried as well. There is a good story to ease your mind :)
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  • I haven't gone through this, but you could be dilated at 1cm for a very long time.
  • Lots of babies are born prematurely and end up being just fine. Don't stress when it's not necessary
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  • I was 1cm and 50% effaced for like 5 weeks with #1 (and I was checked for the first time at 36w so it's possible I was at 1cm for even longer, who knows). It doesn't mean anything (and it's one of the reasons I won't bother getting internals this time around).
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  • I went to the ER for contractions at 30 weeks.  I was 1cm and very soft.  I haven't progressed at all since then.
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  • I was 1cm at 27 weeks and didn't deliver until 37 weeks....it doesn't mean much and you could stay that way for a while.  I would still take it easy but don't worry to much
  • From what I've heard (I'm a FTM) dilating a cm or two in the last 2 months isn't something to worry about. Just try and relax and take docs advice. I assume you'll stay where your at for a while

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  • I started having really bad and consistent contractions at 32 weeks. They lasted all day and kept getting worse so I headed to L&D. They found me 40% effaced and starting to dilate. They gave me a shot to stop the contractions and I've been on bed rest (more like "restricted rest" since i have a toddler to run around after) until my 36 week apt. However, my OB was very adamant to stay away from sex and orgasms just to be safe. Orgasms can produce the hormone needed to start labor so sex was a huge no no. A week later I had not dilated anymore, but am now 50% effaced. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow and still dealing lots of contractions periodically that get me a bit worried. Stay hydrated, get off your feet as much as possible, keep your bladder empty and thats really all you can do at this point.
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  • Good luck! Hopes and prayers for a healthy baby. I hope he/she stays in there longer.
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  • Did they check for infection? I had to get one done last week I had a ton of pelvic pain and contractions. Dr. didn't tell me if I was dilated, granted I don't think she even checked before putting me in L&D. I failed the office NST so I was sent there. I'm on bedrest now.
  • I had a friend who was dilated to 3 cm for weeks before she went into labor. Now that I am at the end of pregnancy I am realizing more and more that nobody can really predict or affect when labor will begin. Just take it easy and stay well hydrated and you should do great! 

  • This happened to me at 20ish weeks, I dilated to 1cm. I was so frightened. When checked again later on it was gone. Since then I have been asked to stay off my feet as much as possible. This is extremely hard since I have a toddler. H has been on me to do this though. I do very low impact exercises and don't go anywhere that requires a lot of walking. I also drink lots and lots of water. If you listen to what the dr says I am sure you will be fine.
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  • A little dilation at 32 weeks with no contractions or other problems should be ok. On the other hand, I dilated to 2 at 29 weeks with both of my last babies, the doctors do take it seriously with medication or bedrest. They want you to make it to 37 weeks.

    For the PP comment "babies are born prematurely all the time, no need to stress" what an idiot. I made it to 35 weeks 3 days with my son, he was born with underdeveloped lungs and in the NICU for 2 weeks. Babies in the NICU can develop further problems such as infections or severe jaundice, it made breastfeeding difficult, and was very stressful to my family. The risk of delivering a premature baby is taken very seriously and although stressing won't help, it is cause for concern.

    OP, hope you hang in there a few more weeks, try to stay calm, hydrated and off your feet! 


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  • image RussianMommy:
    Lots of babies are born prematurely and end up being just fine. Don't stress when it's not necessary

    So supportive as always....

    It is normal to feel concerned OP, but PP are right. You can be dilated 1cm for a long time. I would just be sure to be aware of timetable contractions, drink lots of water and take it easy.
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  • You will be fine. I have been dilated to 3 cm since 33 w 4 d. They put me on bed rest and even after a 2nd trip to L & D last week today at 37 w 2 d there has been no change. I still cook, clean, and have had sex but no change. Even if I had gone early the hospital made me feel very comfortable that my baby boy would be fine.
  • Thank you all so much!! I am starting to feel a lot better knowing that I am not alone and that there is hope that I can have a full term baby!! I have had such a healthy pregnancy so far so I was a little bummed!!  I will rest and keep my fingers crossed that I can keep my little peanut cooking longer!! 
  • With my last my first internal wasn't until 35 weeks but I was 4cm dilated and 90% effaced and stayed that way (well effaced 100% over time and eventually got to 5cm before getting to the hospital) until I was induced at 39w5d.
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  • I had some bleeding at 29 weeks and went to L&D to get checked out. I was 1.5 cm dilated and having contractions that I couldn't feel. I've been taking Procardia ever since to help slow down contractions and I was put on bed rest. I'll be taking the meds around the clock and on bed rest until 36 weeks when they will stop both. I also got steroid shots to help mature her lungs in case she is born early. I have been going to weekly OB appts and they check to make sure I'm not progressing with an internal u/s and there has been no change since everything originally started happening.

    There's a great chance you won't progress anymore for a long time and if you do, they have ways of slowing things down if it is too early. Good luck! 




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