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I am hoping to have a natural birth and am wondering if anyone has experience with birthing centers in the NOVA area or hospitals where you had a positive experience with natural child birth.

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  • I heard a lot of great things about Prince William birthing center and Warrenton.
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  • birth centers:

    Birth Care & Women's Health in Old Town, Alexandria (the MWs are CNMs, jacuzzis for labor but waterbirth not permitted)

    NoVA Natural Birth Center in Chantilly (the MWs are CPMs, large birthing tubs in each birthing room)


    med-free friendly hospitals:

    VHC (have heard that Physicians to Women is a great practice)

    GWU (really like Wisdom Midwifery)

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  • I am using Loudoun Community Midwives and having our baby at the birthing inn (which LCM has rights to birth there) its in leesburg/loudoun VA. Went to the hospital/ birthing center tour and I feel really comfortable there. They have a low rates for all interventions and they dont do routine IVS etc. If you use the midwives they allow you to use birthing balls, stools, squat bars etc. The inn itself is very natural friendly. I was in and out in 15 minutes when i went to sign babys birth certificate paper work and forms for things that i did or didnt want done. I have horrible anxiety about hospitals and being hooked up to a million things but this place made me feel good. They have a tub to labor in but they dont do waterbirths which is the only bummer but all the pros pretty much out weighted the cons.
  • I'm going with Birth Care in Alexandria. So far, so good! I've also heard good things about NOVA Birth Center.
  • I also used Loudoun Community Midwives and Inova Loudoun's Birthing Inn.  I highly recommend both.  The Midwives have a great connection with the hospital (office is across the street) and they are great throughout the process.  Midwives patients have some extra "privileges" that typical OB patients don't have - can use the soaking tub after water is broken, IV not automatic, ask for birthing plan, etc.
  • As a first time mom I am looking for the same sort of information, and I'm really glad to hear the good reviews on Loudoun Community Midwives (http://www.loudouncommunitymidwives.com) and the Birthing Inn (http://www.thebirthinginn.org/)!  I will be transferring to them within the next few weeks; they're much closer to home, I have good friends who have had good experiences there, and I'd much rather work with a midwife than an OB - as little intervention as possible.

    We toured NOVA Natural Birth Center in Chantilly (http://www.novabirthcenter.com/), and I do have to say it is beautiful.  Each of the four birthing rooms is quite spacious, and everyone there is friendly and helpful.  Peggy, the midwife we met with, was very knowledgeable and professional, and answered every question we had.  If you want a 100% natural birth, they can definitely fit your needs.  Everything about the place is very comfortable; the main two reasons we aren't going to deliver there are insurance coverage and first pregnancy.  NNBC is out-of-network for pretty much all insurance providers; depending on your coverage this could make a huge impact in your expenses. If you are interested, they work with a billing company that will contact your insurance company and provide a rough overview of what's covered, and will also seek an in-network exception.  The other thing for me is this being my first pregnancy - I didn't want to have a 25+ minute drive to a hospital in case of emergency.  I'm not sure if you are in the same boat but it's something to think about!  We might look into NNBC in the future, but LCM and the Birthing Inn are wonderful from what I hear, and if things go well there I wouldn't see any reason to leave :)

    Hope that helps! 

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