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Yea, me too. I know this is normal and how I should up my fiber yada yada yada, but here's my situation. I have never been "regular" and despite my bet efforts, only had bm like once every two or three days prior to getting pregnant. Now that I'm pregnant, it's much worse. To top it all off, after what seemed like an eternity last night, I apparently pushed too hard and think I have a ...dun dun dun.... hemmaroid. I only think that's what it is after the long amount of time spend googling what one looks like. Thankfully it's not nearly as gross as any of the images I saw, but yea, I think that's what it is. Anyone know how to treat this type of situation? It's gotten a lot smaller from last night, but still grosses me out.

Re: Constipated?

  • I am in the same situation with the constipation. It is horrible.

    I was NEVER regular before, lucky if I went twice a week.

    Now I can't go on my own AT ALL. I have to use milk of magnesia once a week just to go at all.

    I'm going to talk to my OB about it Friday.

    Sorry you are having to deal with it too!

  • IDK about hemorrhoids, but like you I only went ever other day pre-pg, until I started drinking coffee regularly. Do you drink coffee? I'm about to switch to decaf so I can have more than one cup a day. My midwife actually recommends coffee to keep you regular. It makes all the difference. And fiber one bars- they are pretty yummy. Also some prenatals have a stool softener in them. 
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  • I am feeling the same way!! I have been drinking metamcil every morning, drinking hot water and lemon, trying to drink lots of water, took senokot stool softener, and nothing! I feel so bloated! Yet im still hungry...

    Heres to hoping things get moving soon ladies!
  • I had this problem alllll last pregnancy and let me tell you what worked for me.

    First, stool softener daily. I take mine in the morning, usually 3 colace. Take fiber supplements at night - I take 4 Psyllium capsules with 8 oz of water. In the morning, I drink coffee to get things moving.

    Also, avoid things that will stop you up - like white bread, bananas, and rice. Melted cheese is also really bad. Eat whole wheat, and try eating things like apples & blueberries, as these things seem to help.

  • I was totally regular before I got pregnant! Once a day at least. Now I am lucky to go every other day. I quit drinking coffee but may start back just to get things moving again. Is this a whole pregnancy symptom? Or just a first trimester thing??
  • For the hemorrhoids try tucks medicated wipes and and antihemorrhoidal cream....after I had DS they were a lifesaver. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these hemorrhoids from constipation are preparing you for the post labor experience.

    otherwise, colace, milk of mag, Metamucil to keep you regular and decaf coffee is also an AWESOME help. Good luck!
  • Noooooooo! Post labor experience?! I'm going to add some real coffee to my daily routine. I used to take senocot, but wasn't sure if that was ok durin pregnancy. I'll ask my doctor at Monday's appointment. Tucks will be on the next grocery list. Thankfully it's not painful or irritated in the least. Just something weird that I noticed. I don't really eat rice or white bread. We try to stick to whole grain or whole wheat pasta and breads. I'll try some more apples and maybe even some Metamucil or some sort of fiber. Thanks, ladies!!
  • Ugh, yes. I started taking Zofran on Monday to help with my nausea and I haven't had a BM since then. Before I got pregnant I was regular, and would go at least once a day. I just started colace and am hoping it helps, but I've heard that Zofran can really back things up :(

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  • IVe been feeling the same way, I've been eating some good yogurt everyday though and it's made everything easier. So maybe try that.
  • Like someone said Tucks is awesome. 

    I'm in the same boat. It's terrible. It will be like a week before I can go, and even then I can't go. I'm just stuck in terrible pain because I have to go, and can't. The worst pregnancy symptom ever. lol But I've been on zofran now which I think is making it even worse.  

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  • image kmichln:

     The worst pregnancy symptom ever. lol But I've been on zofran now which I think is making it even worse.  

    Yes!  It is so bad for me I've passed out on the toilet (from pushing and the pain) and now obsess about when I think I need to go. My doc claimed it wasn't the zofran but lack of fluids/whole grains.  I've choked down more fluids than I can handle and my diet has always been whole wheat/lots of fruit and veggies.  Adding more fiber only makes it worse when it can't come out.

        I currently take colace and miralax daily. I've reluctantly resorted to Fleets enema a couple of times which definately works. 

    Hang in there ladies...I still cant stomach coffee but I know it would help so might start forcing it down in the morning.


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