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Is Anybody Out There?!?

I am new to these boards, so it's possible that the LA board has just had an uncharacteristic dry spell lately and that I am reading too much into things, but I can't help but notice how, in contrast to many of the other boards, the first few pages of the LA board largely consist of single posts with very few, if any, responses. It looks as if there are 100s of views, so I know you are out there, but I'm not sure why people aren't responding and promoting dialogue as actively as I see it on other boards. Is it just a slow few weeks, or is it that our city is so alienating and isolating that the LA Board is not as talkative. Maybe I am too new to it and need to give it more time.

This is a huge city, and I am pregnant for the first time and was really hoping to connect with other moms-to-be in my area. For years, friends of mine on Booby Brigade and other local boards rave about how supportive the boards are and have made lasting friends on them. Maybe I am being too idealistic, but I was hoping that after posting here and there and lurking about I might start forming some authentic connections, maybe find a prenatal yoga buddy or someone with whom I could meet up for juice now and then. At the very least, I thought I would find a bunch of savvy, urban moms excited to talk, talk, talk about anything and everything related to pregnancy and parenting. And I have, it's just that there are hundreds of threads with one or two posts rather than fewer threads with ongoing dialogue. I will give it more time, but I thought it was worth commenting on. I hope this doesn't come off as rude or judgy. I'm very hormonal today. 

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