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LO Dropped?!?

Is it even possible? When does LO typically drop? I was under the impress for first time mom's baby dropped one more before labor. I was driving to work this morning and all of a sudden felt this lightness and was able to take a full deep breathe.



Re: LO Dropped?!?

  • I don't recall when DD1 dropped, but I also don't remember feeling like I couldn't breath. However, DD2 dropped last week sometime and I was 30 weeks on Saturday. No complaints here!
  • I have a prenatal appt scheduled for later today so I will check then. It was a relief on my lungs. But also startled me a bit. I guess I just wasn't expecting it yet.


  • Totally possible and definitely okay. Mine dropped a week and a half ago. I couldn't feel less pressure on my lungs but I felt him make some major movements a week and a half ago and then I could tell that he was sitting lower (like I could physically see that my bump was lower). Also, when I leaned against the counter to wash dishes or brush my teeth, my upper abdomen was no longer sensitive. My doctor confirmed a few days later that he dropped. Though yesterday it was confirmed that he had flipped around again and is now sitting breech. Little stinker!
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